35" Large Goddess Saraswati Brass Wall Panel | Handmade

35" Large Goddess Saraswati Brass Wall Panel | Handmade

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An embossed square-shaped panel depicting Devi Sarasvati. Nestled upon the belly of a gigantic lotus bloom, She floats about on the bosom of the steadily flowing Ganges. She is playing on Her veena, which She cradles in Her anterior arms (in Her posterior hands, the chaturbhujadharini holds a rosary and a pothi or manuscript).

The implements in Sarasvati’s hands convey Her status as the presiding deity over learning and the fine arts. She is the fairest and the most serene of the Hindu Devi pantheon. Note the delicately gathered stance of Her body and the subtle yet expressive smile that brings out the superb bone structure of Her countenance.

Her hair cascades down Her shoulders like the voluminous waters of Ganga. At the base of the lotus-throne is Her vahana, the swan, as fair and as slender-necked as She is. Captured within the artisan’s imagination, She is floating underneath a particularly dense canopy. A sharp-beaked peacock roosts therein, right above the haloed crown of Her head.

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35.00 inch Height X 35.00 inch Width X 2.00 inch Depth
63 kg

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