39" Seated Lord Ganesha - Large Size In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

39" Seated Lord Ganesha - Large Size In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

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Brass Statue
39 inch Height x 36 inch Width x 15 inch Depth
101.80 kg

The legend goes that once a snake blocked Ganesha’s way making him fall down from his mouse. Ganesha picked up the snake in his six arms, tied it around his waist like a waistband, and proceeded on his way again. This six-armed brass statue of Lord Ganesha is a unique and stand-out piece of art in our extensive collection of idols. Ganesha has many forms and names in which he is worshipped. In these forms, he is represented as having, anywhere between four to sixteen arms. His two rear hands hold the ankush (goad) and the pasa (noose). The middle hands are holding the chakra (discus) and shankha (conch).

His front left hand holds the traditional modaka while the corresponding right hand is raised to bless his devotees in varada mudra. This heavy brass statue, weighing around 100 kgs, represents Ganesha sitting with his left leg folded across his belly, while the right rests lightly upon the lotus pedestal, the base of the statue. His transcendent face is made even more divine by his regal crown and the large halo behind his head. In this masterful work of art we see his servants, the mice, standing on either side of the throne, looking reverently up to their lord with folded hands.

This large brass sculpture of the innocent boy-God, Lord Ganesha, stands out even from the Exotic India collection. With the usual sweetmeat and conchess in the palms of His four hands, with one of them raised in blessing, this statue comes with a distinctive gold-like finish and hints of a dark, earthy green on the mount and the pedestal. The pedestal is furnished with sculpted cushions for the Lord to seat Himself. Even the not-so-pious of your visitors will take atleast a second glance at this work of Oriental art.

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