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The Hindu philosophy explores some of the deepest aspects of existence ever known to man. It says that the purpose of life is to achieve Moksha (liberation), the ultimate flowering of consciousness. There are many paths to reach this goal, but devotion has always been given special prominence by the spiritual seekers. Lord Hanuman is one of the greatest devotees this tradition has ever known. He surrendered his very life and will at the feet of Lord Shri Ram. His whole life was devoted to the service of truth. Leaving behind his own little self, he attuned himself with something beyond him. That's why his innocence and humbleness has no parallels. For him, he doesn't even exist. Whatever happens through him happens at the will of Shri Ram. He has become like a hollow bamboo, letting the divine play ambrosial sounds of existence through him.

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Brass Statue
Height: 7 inch
Width: 2.2 inch
Depth: 2.2 inch
Weight: 650 gm
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Shipped to 153 countries
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This beautifully crafted bronze statue portrays lord Hanuman in the highest state of his being, humbled by the grace of the divine. Joining his hands in great reverence and devotion, he acknowledges the presence of the Lord sitting inside his heart. The well-built body and royal lineage of Hanuman have been brilliantly portrayed by the delicate carvings and the jewellery adorned by him. Holding his traditional mace between the hands, he has held his tail high forming a beautiful curvature behind his head. Through his silent being, Lord Hanuman is radiating immense peace and beatitude, that will make one realise the grace of the divine. The mere presence of Lord Hanuman transpires what the scriptures couldn't do with their immense texts. His very being contains the entire essence of spirituality, in its most beautiful form, the form of love and devotion. This statue has been crafted with great love and care, so as to bring out the innermost core of the Lord, glowing with the beauty of purity, untouched and uncorrupted

The Mighty Hanuman: Exploring the Legends and Significance of the Monkey God

Hanuman is mentioned in several Vedic works of literature such as the Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Srimad Bhagavatam. He is the dearest devotee of Lord Ramachandra, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. He is always engaged in the service of the Lord and the Lord always looks out for Hanuman every moment. Hanuman is often depicted tearing apart his chest and an image of Ram and Sita is seen which means that He is always absorbed in the transcendental thoughts of Shri Shri Sita Ram. In the Vaishnava traditions or Sampradayas, Hanuman plays a huge role in the spiritual life of a Sadhaka. Without getting the mercy of Hanuman, no one can get closer to Lord Ram. He is the very personification of devotion and dedication.

He has a monkeylike form and is bestowed with extraordinary powers and capabilities. But He does not use his powers to show to others, rather, he uses them in the service of Sita and Ram. The devotees of Ram always follow in the footsteps of Sri Hanuman to become sincere servants of the Lord.

Can we keep Hanuman idol at home?

Keeping the deity of Lord Hanuman at your home altar would be very auspicious for everyone in your family. Sri Hanuman is very merciful and compassionate toward all living entities. He bestows his blessings especially on those who engage in the worship of Lord Ram and Mother Sita. Therefore, if you have the deities of Sita and Ram on your altar, installing the deity of Sri Hanuman will be the best decision. However, if you do not have Lord Ram and Mother Sita deities, you can keep the single deity of Hanuman as well. If you want to please him, you may chant the names of Lord Ram and sing His glories in front of his deity. Your life will completely change and you will experience transcendental bliss which is not found in performing any kind of material activities.

Which Hanuman idol is good for home?

Exotic India offers you several types of Hanuman statues that you can keep on your home altar for worship. If you want to attract the mercy of Lord Hanuman and experience transcendental ecstasy, you may keep any of the forms of Lord Hanuman such as standing Hanuman, Hanuman in Dhyana Mudra, Hanuman carrying Sanjeevani, Hanuman opening his chest, Panchamukhi Hanuman, etc. Serve Lord Hanuman to the best of your capacity and pray to him to remove the obstacles in the path of your devotional service to Lord Ram and Mother Sita.
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