8" Superfine Goddess Saraswati | Hoysala Art | Solid Cast Piece

8" Superfine Goddess Saraswati | Hoysala Art | Solid Cast Piece

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An intricate and celestial halo shines in bronze around the divine head of Goddess Saraswati as she sits on an upturned lotus, holding her veena in her hand. With a rosary in her upper right hand and a book in the upper left, she represents the entirety of the wealth of knowledge that is contained in this cosmos. If she had not emerged from the mouth of Lord Brahma, the creator, then the universe would have been disordered and in chaos as Brahma by himself had been having trouble organising. 

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8.00 inch Height X 5.20 inch Width X 2.80 inch Depth
1.86 kg

The existence of the sun, the moon, and all the stars is attributed to her presence, her melodious voice leading Brahma to name her Vagdevi, the goddess of speech. In the traditional way of Hoysala art, her idol has been bedecked with jewels and an elaborate crown. She often holds a pot of water in her hand, which is also known as a symbol of the somaras she had rescued from the gandharvas once. It had been stolen by these celestial beings from the god. They had been infuriated. However, Saraswati reassured them that she could bring it back. She went to the garden where they resided and played her veena. It was so melodious that the gandharvas begged her to teach them the art. She acquiesced but wanted the return of the somaras urn to the gods, which was readily agreed to.

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