The Amorousness Of Radha-Krishna

The Amorousness Of Radha-Krishna

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Such a skilfully done Radha-Krishna panel is indeed a collector’s work of art. Sculpted after the style of ancient temple architecture of the South, such a composition is an expression of not only skill but also shraddha (devotion). Lord Krishna, the Tribhanga Murari, plays the flute in a clearing in the vines. His beloved Radha is right next to Him, balancing a matka on Her hips and plucking fruit to savour it with Her Lord.

The canopy of vines above their heads has been superbly lattice-worked in wood medium. Peacock and monkey and juicy fruits abound, the rich proportion of colour on the same makes it a signature aspect of the composition. The youthful bodies of the lovers standing underneath - His gorgeous blue skin, Her supple fair form - put together a picture of amorousness, a state of being and value associated widely with the Radha-Krishna ensemble.

Beneath their dancing feet is a panel of mythical feminine beings dancing to Lord Krishna’s music. Formed in the fullness of womanhood, these winged and dark-haired beauties bear exotic fruits in their hands, which makes for an alluring sight. From the Southern-style iconography of the deities to the coloured engravings between panels, this sculpture is a fine example of India’s great sculptural tradition.

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South Indian Temple Wood Carving
52.00 inch Height x 16.00 inch Width x 4.50 inch Depth
17.6 kg
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