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The Beauty Of Ardhanarishvara

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Brown Chola
Natural Brass
The Beauty Of Ardhanarishvara
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The Ardhanarishvara image is unique to ancient Indian culture. In Sanskrt, ‘ardha’ means half; and ‘nari’, woman. The deity Ardhanarishvara is the half-woman roopa of Ishvara (the Indian concept of god). Usually portrayed as the fusion of Devi Parvati with Her Lord Shiva, it is a powerful image of the indispensability of either purusha (the energy/masculine principle) or prakrti (the matter/feminine principle). The Ardharishvara is a composite deity and a self-sufficient unit.

The brass Ardhanarishvara that you see on this page comes with a stoney, etched-in finish. The colour is a deep, polished brown, punctuated with the pale etchings of the garments, the shringar, and the crown. The arms of the deity make as if strumming on a musical instrument. Note how the Lord Shiva is chaturbhujadhari, while the Devi Parvati is dvibhujadhari. In sharp contrast to each other are His flaying jata and Her gathered locks; His broad, muscular torso and Her soft, curvaceous one; His ascetic’s loincloth and Her silken dhoti covering the entirety of Her long legs.

The crown on Ardhanrishvara’s head is a tall, slender, looming one, done up with dense engravings. Adding balance to the composition is the high, narrow pedestal with multiple tiers, alternately engraved with lotus petals.

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Brass Statue
20.80 inch Height x 7.50 inch Width x 6.20 inch Depth
8.0 Kg.
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