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Bhagawan Rama

Bhagawan Rama

Lord Rama is the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He is the supreme personality of bliss, peacefulness and the ultimate consciousness. This Lord of Ayodhya is the parambrahman endowed with infinite auspicious qualities and the consort of Sita. He is considered as the role model for everyone and hence also known as Maryada Purushottam (the best among men). With his chivalry and great virtue he killed Ravana and rescued Sita demonstrating his heroic aspects thus focusing on defeat of bad over good. His beauty, compassion and charm is one of a kind; the embodiment of dharma.

Here Lord Rama is depicted as standing on a rectangular pedestal; left hand holds a dhanush (bow), his weapon, very uniquely designed with a tiger face at the top and paw at the base symbolizing the power and force as that of a tiger; right hand is in a gesture of blessing. A yellow colored dhoti and a green colored stole hanging on his arms complements with the true and pure white color of the body. He wears a beautiful flower garland and also graced with awe struck ornaments. A bag of bana (arrow) is hung across his body and can be seen behind the right shoulder. Short and dense hair resting on his neck at the back, half covered by an astounding crown; nimbus glowing, is an additional attribute of his supreme divinity.

Item Code: ZEN096
White Marble Statue
15.00 inch Height x 6.50 inch Width x 2.60 inch Depth
3.6 Kg.

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