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Vamana avatar is the 15th incarnation of Lord Vishnu as a7-year-old Batuk. Demon Baliraja is having the parasol of Niti & bhakti & armor of dharm, hence God deceit him as Vamana (A-52- finger height) to conquer him. He went to Baliraja in disguise of a dignified brahmin and an unmentionable Brahmtej on his face. Impressed with the Brahmtej of Vamana, Bali resolved to offer everything. Vamana begged Bali’s earth equal to his three steps only. In his first two steps, Vamana covered the whole world and round Brahmlok and no space left for the third step. Then Bali gladly offered his skull for putting Vamana’s third step. At this Vamana was very pleased and blessed him with the kingdom of Patal-Loka and offered himself as his guard at all its entry-points. Secret is that one who safeguards and pursues his celibacy and sobriety(sanyam) no one can kill him.

This radiant cherubic figurine made in panchaloha (also known as panchadhatu) - bronze by the Swamimalai artisans, exhibits the Vamana standing gracefully on a superb petal podium and measuring Bali’s earth with stretched steps better known as Trivikram posture. Portrayed with eight arms - wielding Sankha, Disc, Bludgeon. Padma, club, begging Patra & Japa mala, and one hand in leaping mudra with legs.

Costumed in debonair vastra and bejeweled immensely with glittering ornaments all over, sacred Jneu (Yagyopavit) swinging in the throat, a conical crown carved so splendidly is adorning the top. The hola ( prabhamandal)all around is not less than a thousand suns. The beauty of this statue itself narrating the story- it has got a voice. This artifact makes the best gift to your near and dear ones.

Item Code: ZBC11
Panchaloha Bronze Statue from Swamimalai
16 inch Height x 9.5 inch Width x 5.5 inch Depth
6.4 kg

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