Bhairava With His Mount Shwan: Dog

Bhairava With His Mount Shwan: Dog

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This is an amazing sculpture of Lord Bhairava standing with his vehicle, dog. Bhairava represents one of the most terrible aspects of Lord Shiva. This fearful form is associated with his fights against asuras or demons. He is the protector as well as the destroyer, who protects his devotees from greed, lust and anger as they restrict a person to seek god. He is the supreme god and the ruler of all, worshipped even by yogis and tantriks to gain siddhi. In Hindu mythology, dogs are considered to be the most inauspicious animals, but here, he stands with a dog alongside, as at the root of dog like behavior i.e. territorial behavior, is fear (bhaya) of invalidation and Bhairava using dog as his swaswa (whose horse is a dog) overpowers this fear. Bhairava is the god of death and the dog is associated with cremation grounds frequented by wild dogs and other scavenger animals.

Bhairava has four hands. In left hand he holds a Trishul representing past, present and future. Right hand carries a sword to demolish the evils and the other hands have a cup of blood to show fierceness and damru to symbolize creation respectively. Shaivite tilak glows on his forehead and the peach colored stole gives a beautiful contrast with the white sculpture. Sun like aureole gives a divinely look with awe struck jewels adorned on his body. The smile on his face and sharpness in his eyes clearly demonstrates his happiness on victory over the evils.

This sculpture is made of pure white stone and the striking feature is that it is sculpted out of a single piece of marble. The spotless white colored marble signifies purity similar to bhairava’s purity of thought and ways.

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White Marble Statue
18.20 inch Height x 12.40 inch Width x 6.00 inch Depth
19.60 kg
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