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The Bloodthirsty Dashabhujadhari Devi Kali

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The Bloodthirsty Dashabhujadhari Devi Kali
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The Devi Kali is one of the rare, purely wrathful deities of the Hindu pantheon. She has a bloodlust for adharma, which She conquers without mercy. Indeed, mercy is not the forte of the Kali-roopa of Lord Shiva’s wife, to which the elements of Her iconography stand testimony. The life-sized brass murti of the Devi Kali that you see on this page conforms to Her wrathful iconography and does justice to the beauty and ferocity of Her personality.

She stands tall and unwavering over the supine body of Lord Shiva Himself. Her clothing comprises little more than a tiger skin loincloth and a short choli (which is absent in most Devi Kali icons). By way of shringar She has bangles in all ten of Her powerful arms (dashabhujadhari), necklaces on Her torso, and kundalas flanking Her neck. More than shringar, however, Her identity as a Devi lies in the weapons She yields - conchs, chakras, maces, scythes, Her husband’s trishool, you name it.

An ornate crown and an intricately sculpted halo grace the beauty of Her brow. It is further intensified by the tongue She thrusts out of Her mouth in Her thirst for the adharmee’s blood (one of whose decapitated head She bears in a left hand). A broad, wide pedestal etched with thick, symmetrical boughs of vine, completes the composition.

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Item Code: ZEN186
Brass Statue
51.00 inch Height x 46.50 inch Width x 19.00 inch Depth
195.0 Kg.
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