Butter Krishna (Laddoo Gopala)

Butter Krishna (Laddoo Gopala)

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His naughtiness, his smile, his eyes and his voice are some of the attributes that Bal Gopala is lovable to all. Lord Krishna was popular for his leelas and his nature of helping people from dangers. This stone sculpture of laddoo Gopala Krishna represents the childhood form of Lord Krishna. Butter and flute are his best companions, which is also carved in this Krishna marble sculpture. He sits here on a white colored plinth in his best and comfortable posture with the left hand immersed in the pot of butter and right holds the flute. Krishna is also recognised as ‘Makhan Chor’, as he is very much fond of white butter and therefore since childhood, he used to steal butter from the kitchen and eat.

Sculptor has very beautifully depicted the innocence of Bal Gopala through his red smiling lips and the eyes give an expression of his naughty acts. This posture of Laddoo Gopala induces a sense of Krishna’s naughtiness, where he tricks all by just immersing the hand in butter pot and not eating it, while he has his flute near the mouth. This sculpture is modelled by shaping a single piece of marble in perfect expressions and curves of the body. Gopala is adorned in a yellow dhoti and a subtle peach stole decorated with gold zari dot motifs that complement gracefully with his charm and divine personality.

Krishna is embellished in rich gold jewels and a stone studded hair accessory topped with a peacock feather reflecting on lord Krishna’s royalty and divinity. The Vaishnava tilak on forehead is symbolic of him being a heavenly incarnation of lord Vishnu. Have a look at Gopala’s rear angle image to applaud the sculptor’s precision while carving out his short length hair with each strand grouped in bunches and tucked in marvellously. You just cannot ignore the cuteness and perfection of this Krishna stone sculpture which has its sole presence enough to beautify the place.


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White Marble Statue
12.00 inch Height X 9.70 inch Width x 4.90 inch Depth
8.50 kg
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