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The Calming Gaze Of Padmavati Lakshmi

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The Calming Gaze Of Padmavati Lakshmi
The Devi Lakshmi is one of the most popular and highly venerated of Hindu devies. She is wife to Vishnu Himself, and presides over resources and wealth, which are prerequisites to the creation process that He is responsible for. She is sought after by the devotee who is in pursuit of wealth, and it is said that She is very generous with the ones She chooses for their industriousness and good sense. As could be seen from this multi-variation brass sculpture, Her form is unspeakably beautiful while Her countenance exudes superlative bliss. Together with the palms of Her hands and the digits, the face is that part of the composition that commands the highest degree of skill. A few sharp curves have been engraved onto the gracious round shape to convey a divine composure.

Indeed the shringar that has been sculpted on this statue is fit for a queen. Layers of necklaces cascading down Her torso from between Her breasts, chunky amulets and anklets that clothe the exposed parts of Her limbs, and a tall ornate crown set off by a lotus-petalled halo and kundalas that graze Her shoulders. She holds in Her posterior hands lotuses that are about to bloom (the word 'padmavati' means one in possession of lotuses), while Her anterior hands are raised in blessing. She stands on a pedestal that is atypical of Indian iconography: two lotuses with the backs of their pistils together, the one blooming upward cradling the Devi's feet.

Item Code: ZEC82
Brass Statue
24.5 inch Height x 10.5 inch Width x 8.2 inch Depth
12.4 kg

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