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Contemplative Lord Adinath Bust

Contemplative Lord Adinath Bust
The divine countenance of Lord Adinath. A handsome, full-featured face. Large eyes and a wide-set brow, amidst which nestles the third golaka (organ) of vision. A long, solemn nose and a delicate-lipped mouth. A radiant complexion the colour of sunlit snow. Sculpted from solid indigenous wood, the Lord Adinath bust that you see on this page is a remarkably expressive work of art. It depicts the divine founder of yoga steeped in higher stages of samadhi (yogic contemplation), as could be deduced from His shut eyes and the composure of His facial musculature.

The superb face of Lord Adinath is flanked by lengthened karnas (ears), from the wizened lobes of which dangle a pair of kundalas. The tips of those graze the zenith of His clavicles, layered upon which are the slender, supple bodies of a pair of snakes. Each of them raise their hoods one either side of Him. The tresses of Lord Adinath have been sculpted with superb proportions of detail and symmetry. A couple of cobras nestle at the base of His substantial bun, and a sliver of the moon is to be found on the right side.

Item Code: ZEO016
Wood Statue
10.00 inch Height X 6.20 inch Width x 3.00 inch Depth
1.00 Kg.

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