Dancing Apsara of Indra's Court

Dancing Apsara of Indra's Court


Lord Indra was an anthropomorphic god, revered in all major diversions of religion as a protector and a kshatriya warrior, who can be called upon in times of war. He is the king of heaven, lightening, thunder, storm and rains and holds the most popularity in Rigveda. Indra was often known for his fondness for soma, the alcoholic elixir with the divine apsaras dancing in front of him in his court.

The sculpture shown on this page shows this beautiful apsara standing on a double lotus plinth in her most gracious dance move to please the king (Indra) and other kings’ men. Her legs bent in an exquisite posture and hands held high in the most descent mudra hold a damru that produces simultaneous heavenly sounds while she dances.

Not only the posture, her alluring fitted garbs of a luxurious ankle length dhoti and a stylized crop top highlight the voluptuous curve of her slim waist in an enchanting manner. The sculptor here has chosen for a uniquely fashioned crown that extends backwards forming vertical lines, along with a glossy and crisp dark brown shaded polish to this sculpture to mention her as being the most special celestial nymph of Lord Indra’s court.

Item Code: ZCU29
Brass Statue
11.7 inch Height x 4 inch Width x 3.2 inch Depth
2.5 kg
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