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The Divine Dance of Six Armed Ganesha - Large Size

The Divine Dance of Six Armed Ganesha - Large Size

Carved out precisely in an exotic color combination using the ever-so-famous wood from South India. This large size sculpture depicts Lord Ganesha performing his divine dance on his resourceful Mushika (Mouse), with the most alluring part being the natural chisels on the statue highlighting the key features and their immense beauty.

Flaunting his paunchy figure, Ganesha carries his nritya posture, while in his rare six-armed gesture with his insignia- Elephant Goad, Noose, Snake, Gada (Mace), the broken tusk and his favourite sweetmeat laddoo; the broken tusk is an example of him being the most dedicated and virtuous one. Apart from the iconography, the beauty of the statue is identified by his mesmerized floral attires and the ethnic jewels; eyes full of ecstasy, large flappy ears carved in beauteous designs and the realistic striated trunk curls itself in an Edampuri pose. The extremely charming crown is inspired by the intricate carvings of South Indian temples.

Ganesha’s mouse stands in a distinctive posture near the bowl of laddoos with its head up and has a heavy saddled back along with a bell tied around its neck. Look down to appreciate the two lotus pedestals, having a thick and magnificently sculpted pillar in the centre and two Shivganas standing on either sides of it, carrying a basket of laddoos each for the Lord himself.

The long backdrop gives an essence of forest scenes sculpted in perfect cuts and shapes of varieties of flowers and vines extending beautifully and the peacocks with extensive tails perch exquisitely at the top.

Item Code: ZEN611
South Indian Temple Wood Carving
60.00 inch Height X 17.30 inch Width x 4.50 inch Depth
24.30 Kg.
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