Gautam Buddha (With Lotus Springing Under His Feet at Time of His Birth)

Gautam Buddha (With Lotus Springing Under His Feet at Time of His Birth)

Kaima wood has thin fibers hence is used for fine carvings. This wood is considered as the most auspicious of all. It is believed that if a dying person is mated with this wood, he will enjoy the heavens. Buddha’s birth was miraculous, mother gave birth to him in a standing position. He was born fully developed. In one version, at the time of birth, Buddha took seven steps in each cardinal direction with the lotus blossoms springing up after each step. After his birth, he spoke the words: “for enlightenment i was born, for the good of all that lives. This is the last time that i have been born into this world of becoming”.

The statue depicting him standing on a pedestal on a double cushioned lotus with the right-hand high up pointing towards the sky and left hand resting by the side down towards the ground. These hand gestures conveys that there are two worlds upward as heaven and down on the earth; but no one is equal as Buddha. Draped in a wavy dhoti, big eyes in samadhi on his serenic face with perfectly matted curled hair locks settled on the head forming a conical top with the usual long earlobes. The glittering beige-coloured statue is alluring and unique artifact.

The origin of Buddhism points towards Siddhartha Gautam, the historic Buddha who was born in Kapilvastu (Lumbini, Nepal ) near the foothills of Himalaya. He founded the sect of wanderer ascetics ( Sramanas ). This is known as Sangha. Gautam was a great spiritual leader. Soon after his birth, he realised that mere life’s experience could not provide the pure & true happiness and protection from the worldly sufferings, so he renunciated the princely life for achieving enlightenment.

Item Code: ZC58
Kaima Wood Statue
Artist Vishwakarma family
11 inch Height x 3.5 inch Width x 2.8 inch Depth
230 gm
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