Goddess Lakshmi Seated on Lotus

Goddess Lakshmi Seated on Lotus

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Goddess Lakshmi, the divine consort of Lord Vishnu epitomizes wealth, auspiciousness, fortune and prosperity. She is majorly associated with lotus, hence also known as Padalakshmi. Bhagavad Purana describes her to be born from the churning of Milk Ocean (Samudra Manthan). She carries her name from the Sanskrit word ‘Lakshya’ meaning ‘goal’, thus it is she who bestows her worshippers with the goals of material and spiritual prosperity. This marble statue is sculpted out of a single piece of marble having perfect cuts and curves giving every aspect of the deity and her features a beauteous shape.

Lakshmi sits here in lalitasana on a double layered lotus throne decorated with gold borders and her sacred vahana (elephant) sits beside her leg with the trunk raised up in obeisance to its lord. The divinity is clothed in a charming sun hued silk and a contrasting green stole and blouse. The gold treasures adorned on her body complement with the gold dot motifs on her bright sari accentuating her beauty and grace.

The anterior hands are held in Abhaya and Varada mudra respectively while the posterior hands hold bright lotus buds symbolizing her purity and ease to pave new ways of a fruitful life. The expressions of her eyes and smiling red lips symbolize her poised nature and nurture. The sun haloed crown rests perfectly on her smooth golden frilled hairs. This sculpture of goddess Lakshmi is an apt depiction of creator’s professional skills, showcasing beauty and spirituality together perfectly.

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White Marble Statue
9.70 inch Height X 6.70 inch Width x 3.40 inch Depth
4.20 kg
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