Large Size Amitabha Buddha with The Vase of Immortality - Tibetan Buddhist

Large Size Amitabha Buddha with The Vase of Immortality - Tibetan Buddhist

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Amitabha is the celestial Buddha of the Mahayana Buddhism and the sole founder of Pure Land Buddhism (a tradition of Buddhist teachings). Amida or Amitayus are the other names for Amitabha Buddha directing us towards him being the Buddha of immeasurable light and life, one responsible for longevity, pure consciousness and perception. He in his posture of dhyana (meditation), as shown on this page, proclaimed forty eight vows of realm and a guarantee of rebirth into his divine Pure Land sects.

This popular figure was regarded as one of the self born Buddhas who have existed eternally and manifested himself as the historical Gautama Buddha or the Boddhisattva. The naturally carved lotus pedestal and other elegant accessories like the iconic Tibetan sculpted crown with pointed tops along with distinctively curled stole at the sides add to the intensified beauteous aspects; dressed as a prince like all the Boddhisattvas in a smooth and sharp border, holding the wondrously carved long pot of immortality in his hands.

The pot of immortality holds a significant value in Buddhism as it is identified by the pot of nectar (amrit) of immortality that focuses on the concept of rebirth in the distant future to renew and re-establish the religion of Buddhism in Amitabha Buddha’s Pure Land. The soothing face with calm and composed body are adorned with marvellous necklaces and round kundals glorifying his aura.

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