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Large Size Apsara with the Parrot

Large Size Apsara with the Parrot

Apsaras are the heavenly nymphs representing paragon of feminine beauty, elegance and refinement. They dance to the soulful music in the palaces of gods to entertain them and fallen heroes. The one standing here in an exquisite posture on an inverted lotus pedestal is inspired by the erotic structures of Khajuraho temple.

She wears a lavish carved low waist dhoti; right hand stretches down towards her navel in a dancing mudra and left hand holds the celestial bird; that expression of her face and the slight and elegant look towards the parrot symbolizes her as interacting about her inner sorrows and happiness, while dancing with her friend in the god’s court.

Adorned in perfectly fitted garbs, majorly highlighting each and every curve of her body, focusses on the essence of sensuality and lure; decked up in traditional ornaments with the head covered in a uniquely chiselled turban, lengthened at the back.

This item can be backordered
Time required to recreate this artwork
4 to 5 weeks
Advance to be paid now
$259.00 (20%)
Balance to be paid once product is ready
Item Code: ZCJ02
Brass Statues
38 inch Height x 12.7 inch Width x 13 inch Depth
27.8 kg

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