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Large Size Fluting Krishna with Pairs of Deepalakshmi and Mayur Lamp

Large Size Fluting Krishna with Pairs of Deepalakshmi and Mayur Lamp

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Krishna is one of the most respected Hindu gods and is glorified as the eighth avatar of God Vishnu. He is believed to be the God of love, solicitude and affection.

This valuable brass-gold sculpture is an overall enlightener that fills your soul with an aureole of blessings that is displayed skillfully behind Krishna's head, as he is accompanied with the graceful and beautiful deepalakshmis, emblazoned with beads, that shine like sequins, casting a light on the unexplored human heart. They are complimented with the tall, Mayuri lamps that fill your life with vibrant hues of amazing colors. The importance of the deity is shown with his magnificence and splendor that is displayed with his comparably large size.

It is carved to depict the Lord of love who stands on an inverted lotus, which is beautifully puffed over a floral, cuboid podium, painted in glistening gold as Kanhaiyya's folded dupatta drapes gracefully along with the perfectly embroidered and sculpted shalwar. He is festooned with fabulous malas, wrist and arm jewels and luring anklets that tighten around his splendid and realistic muscles. The entire sculpture is tinted with a popping gold color that is breath-taking and eye-catching at the same time.

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Item Code: ZCL65
Brass Statue
235 kg

79 inch Height x 36 inch Width x 23.5 inch Depth-Krishna
36 inch Height x 12 inch Width x 16 inch Depth -Deepalakshmi
58 inch Height x 14 inch Width x 14 inch Depth -Lamp

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