Large Size Tibetan Buddhist Mother Goddess White Tara

Large Size Tibetan Buddhist Mother Goddess White Tara

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Brass Sculpture
34.4 inch X 23 inch X 15.3 inch
34 kg

White Tara has always been visualized as the Divine Mother, or the Mother of the entire cosmos. Supremely compassionate, she constantly showers forth blessings on her children. Thus her right hand is always in the mudra of bestowing boons. The other hand grants the reward of fearlessness. A mother instills in us the seeds of righteous karma. Those who follow such a path know that they need not fear anything. As the Bhagvad Gita states: "Wherever we are, whether scaling the heights of mountains, or at the depths of oceans, our good deeds come to protect us." According to Deepak Chopra: "when we choose actions that bring happiness and success to others, the fruit of our karma is happiness and success." By acquainting us with this fact, and establishing it in the very depth of our consciousness, our mother insures our continuous well being.

Calmly and serenely poised, the Mother of all presents a picture of reassurance and inspiring confidence. From the delicate fingers of her two hands issue stems terminating into a full blown lotuses. These all associate the Mother Goddess with organic growth and the vegetative principle in nature.

Tara is beautiful as all mothers are. Her rich and precious jewelry is as much an acknowledgement of the superior status of the mother in the hierarchy of human relations, as it is of the supremacy of Goddess Tara in the Buddhist pantheon.

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