Large Superfine Cosmic Flower Haloed Bhumisparsha Buddha

Large Superfine Cosmic Flower Haloed Bhumisparsha Buddha

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When Buddha attained enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree, he is said to have summoned the Earth Goddess, Sthavara, to bear witness to the cosmic event. The Bhumisparsha mudra, which Buddha used for this summoning, literally means the posture of touching the earth. This mudra, sometimes also called the Earth Witness mudra, is formed with the fingers of the right hand extending to touch the ground, while the left hand is held fast in a deeply meditative dhyana mudra.

This exquisite statue of Bhumisparsha Buddha is sculpted from the finest quality white marble. Painted in the divine colours of gold and silver the sculpture contains intricate engravings chiselled with a rare artistic finesse. Especially notable are the gold clothes adorning the body of the Buddha and the divine halo behind his compassionate countenance. The auspicious Urna mark in the center of the Buddha’s forehead symbolizes the third eye or the divine world, an ability to see past our mundane universe of suffering and out into the truth of enlightenment. For the best spiritual vibrations, the statue of Bhumisparsha Buddha should be kept facing east, towards the rising sun.

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23.00 inch Length X 13.50 inch Width X 42.00 inch Height
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Buddhism is one of the highly worshipped religions in the world, which teaches its devotees to be free from all the intoxicants that cloud the mind, free from wrong sayings, free from material pleasures, free from ditching or stealing anyone and free from taking any person’s life; it allows the acceptance of wisdom, intellect and ethical perfection. If you chant prayers in front of a Buddha statue, it induces that feeling of divinity, purity and love in a person’s inner self. Being said this, the white marble sculpture shown here is an accurate combination of beauty and spirituality. Its large size and superfine carvings act as an attraction to the eyes.

The bright combination of golden and silver touch gives a rich and subtle look to this sculpture. Lord Buddha is settled here in a posture of meditation on an elongated double lotus pedestal with the two wisdom eyes, half open and a gentle smile on the lips. The sculptor has given an amazing touch of shiny colors on the entire Buddha stone sculpture which is furthermore accentuated by the superfine carvings, focussing even on the minutest of details. Left hand rests on the lap, facing upwards and right touches the ground to summon the Earth Goddess to witness his enlightenment in Bhumisparsha mudra. It is said, for the best outcomes, a Bhumisparsha Buddha should be placed facing the east direction, from where the sun rises.

Apart from its formations, the most awe-struck aspect is the glowing gold robe, supremely chiselled in white patterns of flowers and vines all over, draped in its usual way. Appreciate the large aureole sculpted in a double layer separated by a silver bead border, with each layer decorated with a marvellous pattern of flower petals. This marble Buddha sculpture is the best artefact to ornate your house, office or reception corners, hence spreading an aura of luxury, tranquillity and aesthetics.

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