Large Tibetan Buddha Teaching of Dharma

Large Tibetan Buddha Teaching of Dharma

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Buddha is considered the supreme teacher of all mankind. His teachings enable common people to liberate themselves from sufferings of the material attachments and lead a life of love and peace. His teachings however do not mandate that seekers relinquish their worldly lives. Buddha, in all his teachings, has always encouraged people to carve their own spiritual journeys, by being aware of their own ignorance and understanding what it is that binds them, and keeps their world shrouded in sorrows. This pearl-white, Tibetan style, stone sculpture, is crafted from a single piece of the finest quality white marble. It depicts Gautama Buddha, in all of his innate purity and tranquility.

This is a representation of him as a teacher. He sits, calm and compassionate, in padmasana or the lotus pose, imparting priceless wisdom to his disciples. His right hand holds the teaching pose, the chin mudra, palms turned towards the world, forming the circle of wisdom with his thumb and his index finger. His left hand is resting upon his lap in the traditional meditative posture. He is draped in white robes that fall in loose pleats about his glowing body. The entire statue rests upon a rectangular pedestal in the traditional Buddhist manner. It is said that chanting mantras and prayers in front of a Buddha statue induces spiritual vibrations that work to raise our level of inner and outer awareness. 

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A pearl white stone sculpture of Lord Buddha is a beautiful depiction of his innate nature of calmness, purity and tranquillity. The superfine formation, white glow of the marble and the smiling face is a great attraction to the eyes. Lord Buddha is revered as a superhuman by the people of Tibet, who left all his riches and the material desires to lead to a path of enlightenment, which he successfully achieved after years of true dedication. This sculpture shows Lord Buddha teaching his disciples of the lesson of dharma with the right hand postured in that iconic teaching mudra, forming the circle of wisdom with his thumb and index finger and left one rests, facing upwards on his laps.

Lord Buddha is the epitome of knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment, who with his teachings enables people to be free from all the material desires and lead a life of peace and love. In this marble sculpture, Buddha sits in cross legs with the feet facing upwards on a low heighted lotus pedestal, beautifully etched with multiple flower petals. That decent smile on his face is a reflection of the conscious satisfaction and happiness on achieving enlightenment. The beauty of his thin pointed nose, half open eyes and the long earlobes are an outcome of the sculptor’s expertise and dedication for perfection.

Buddha is draped in a glossy white robe styled in loose pleats from top to bottom. It is said that chanting Buddhist prayers in front of a Buddha statue induces a feel of calmness and spirituality. This Buddha marble sculpture is carved out of a single piece of marble and by placing it in any required corner will be an act of accentuating its beauteous aesthetics and divinity.

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