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Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha
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A laughing figure with a bald head and a fat, bare stomach is the ‘Laughing Buddha’, which is another name for the Chinese master of Zen, Poi-Tai Hoshang. This astonishing Buddha sits on a heighted flower shaped pink pedestal symbolizing his loving nature and a balance of thoughts and tranquillity. Although he is not amongst the historical and transcendental Buddhas, but still he is worshipped as a popular hero and a god of good fortune.

Different Buddha postures signify different meanings; the one shown here as sitting with his iconic smile and a pot in his hands, signifies his Buddhist nature, associated with renunciation of material possessions and attaining enlightenment. This sculpture with flourishly carved pink robe with a thick golden border, heavy eyebrows, long earlobes and sacred symbols imprinted on the pedestal is one of a kind.

Laughing Buddha plays a great role of significance in Feng Shui as it is an oozing symbol of good luck and positivity. Every placement of Buddha holds a symbolic aspect but as per Feng Shui it is opined to show its best effects if placed facing the main door.

Item Code: ZDX17
Brass Sculpture
9 inch Height x 9 inch Width x 8.2 inch Depth
8 Kg

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