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Lord Shiva as Nataraja

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Brown Gold
Natural Brass
Lord Shiva as Nataraja
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Lord Shiva, the supreme god is worshipped in his aniconic form, the linga, but one of his iconic forms of Tandava is also worshipped, called Nataraja. Shiva in this form represents the continuous cycle of creation, preservation and destruction. He is symbolized as the Lord of dance and shows the connection between religion and art.

Right hand in Abhaya Mudra blesses for fearlessness and left hand points downwards towards the right foot. The other two arms have damru (drum) and respectively. Sound produced from damru forms the entire structure of Sanskrit grammar and is responsible for evolution. Fire is the pralayagini that destroys the world at the time of dissolution. Left leg is raised high in dance posture and right leg is bent and kept on demon Apasmara Purusa who signifies ignorance. Snake wrapped around his hand is symbolic of death and Shiva wins over it. Matted hair spread out on both sides showing his powerful and vigorous form. The third eye on the forehead expresses his ultimate knowledge and wisdom. He is shown as dancing within a thick circular artistic closed arch of flames called prabha mandala; the cosmic fire of creation and destruction. There is a peacock style pattern downwards at the end on both sides highlighting its beauty and grace.

This brass sculpture is very finely designed with accurate measures, postures, lines and curves. The apparel, ornaments and unique patterned long crown like a temple are the major highlights.

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Item Code: XN82
Brass Sculpture
11.8 inch X 7.5 inch X 3.4 inch
1.9 kg
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