Lord Shiva Seated on Mount Kailasha

Lord Shiva Seated on Mount Kailasha

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Lord Shiva in padmasana is symbolic of him being fully aware of the self and the world at the same time. He keeps his supernatural powers and siddhis under control and uses them for the welfare of mankind. Placing a Shiva marble sculpture at home or places of worship bestows you with spiritual benefits of happiness, wealth, joy and peace, and also adds to the beauteous décor of your surroundings. The one shown here is precisely carved by cutting out a single block of white glossy marble, forming a perfect curve of his torso and the defined lines of his folded legs. Note the posture of his hands, contained in their iconic styles and shaped out inaccurate directions and distances from the body.

Apart from its marvelous carves, the touch of gold at varied places on the statue gives definite visibility to each of Shiva’s features and essence of royalty to the sculpture. The sculptor has kept hold of all the basic symbols of Shiva’s iconography- the sacred rudraksha mala in white and gold, trident, a serpent coiled around the neck and damru. The appreciating thing is that each of these symbols and implements is beautifully decorated in gold and inch by inch chiseled in perfection maintaining proper gaps and shape. The divine spark of his shining eyes and red smiling lips is indicative of Lord Shiva being the supreme one in Hinduism. Gold matted locks and the red tilak on the forehead are the highlighting aspects of this sculpture.

The flawless carving of the stone-studded halo is an aspect of Shiva’s divinity and supremacy. To differentiate the flowing water of the Ganges and snow-covered Mount Kailasa (Shiva’s abode), the sculptor has intuitively given the fine white marble a soothing shade of blue.


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White Marble Statue
8.00 inch Height X 5.20 inch Width x 2.50 inch Depth
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