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Lord Vishnu Seated on Sheshanaga

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Antique Gold
Natural Brass
Lord Vishnu Seated on Sheshanaga

Lord Vishnu Seated on Sheshanaga

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Lord Vishnu, the protector of the world, is generally pictured as sitting on Sheshanaga (the king of snakes). This posture is scripted as Shantakaram Bhujagshyanam, conveying salutations to the one who has a serene and a demeanor appearance, sitting calmly on the serpent. His form assumed in a lalitasan posture and right leg rests on an outgrown lotus with absolute curves. In Sanskrit, ‘Shesh’ symbolizes ‘that which remains’ and ‘Naga’ is the snake, which represents energy in Hinduism. Thus, Sheshanaga metaphors to, ‘that, which remains ultimately, is energy or atman.’

This sculpture depicts Lord Vishnu perched on the plinth of a coiled serpent (Sheshanag) in three layers having self motifs, placed on a fashionable multilayered pedestal. Left hand rests on the left knee in relaxation and right in a site of blessing. He also depicts his popular epithet of shankha- chakra- gada- pani, demonstrating, he, who holds shankha (conch), chakra (disc) and gada (mace) in his hands, showcasing the interconnected cyclic existence, restoration of dharma with war (if required) and his power of knowledge respectively; crowned in a slender and long decoration with a wondrous five hooded serpent.

The fine lines of the attire and curves of the body with painstaking expressions of brows accompanied with a slight smile demonstrate the lifetime of skill and great labour put into this sculpture.

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Item Code: ZEC45
Brass Statue
16 inch Height x 8.5 inch Width x 7 inch Depth
11.1 kg
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