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Mask Of Tara, Tibetan Buddhist Wall-hanging

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Mask Of Tara, Tibetan Buddhist Wall-hanging
Tara is lauded as the ""Mother of Liberation"" and symbolizes virtues of success and accomplishments in work. She is a female Bodhisattva and an important deity in both Hinduism and Buddhism.

The origins of the Goddess Tara can be first traced back to Hinduism before it makes its transition to Buddhism. She is believed to be the most ancient Goddess who is still worshipped today. The name ""Tara"" means star and she was said to be born from water, similar to the Goddess Aphrodite. She is known to manifest in different forms, such as the Green and White Tara respectively. Green Tara is a representation of protection from fear, while White Tara symbolizes longevity. She is often depicted with a third eye, either standing beside her consort or seated with legs crossed while holding on to a full-bloomed lotus. This beautiful statue here is presented to you exclusively by Exotic India Art. It is made of heavy but sturdy brass and comes in six different colours. It measures 14 inch in height, 8.5 inch in width, 4 inch in depth and weighs 3kg.

Today, she is popularly worshipped in Tibet, Nepal and Southeast Asia. She is seen as the ""Mother of all Buddhas"", which signify the enlightened wisdom of the Buddhas, while reiterating the ancient concept as a Mother Goddess in India.

Item Code: ZDQ87
Brass Statue
14 inch Height x 8.5 inch Width x 4.0 inch Depth
3.0 kg

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