Murli Krishna With Flowing Robes and Peacocks

Murli Krishna With Flowing Robes and Peacocks

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This pure white marble statue is one of the precious handpicked articles by Exotic India. The essence of its divinity and purity lies in its pearl white color and sharp structures formed in realistic manner. Here Lord Krishna plays his flute, ornamented beauteously producing the most soulful rhythms and tunes of ecstasy, thus also revered as Murli Krishna.

Apart from his basic iconography another eye-catching aspect is the ankle length dhoti, frilled from the centre and the beautiful flowing robe wrapped around his arms that hangs loose in a stylized pattern with the gold and red border highlighting its features. Lord Krishna is also praised for his immense beauty, as can also be seen by the mesmerizingly sculpted eyes and smiling lips identifying his calm, composed and loving self; decked up in alluring gold jewels and a glowing Vaishnava tilak highlighted on his forehead enhances his divinity.

As peacocks are a symbol of love, purity, peace and beauty, therefore their presence on the rectangular pedestal enhances Krishna’s purity and serenity; sun haloed crown is studded with shiny beads and a peacock feather accessorized at the top. Carved out of a single marble stone, the perfection of this sculpture applauds the creator’s extreme hard work and skill.

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Item Code: ZEN012
White Marble Statue
17.80 inch Height x 9.20 inch Width x 3.50 inch Depth
6.50 kg
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