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The Musician (Apsara)

The Musician (Apsara)

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The beautiful apsara is playing dholak (drum) and it seems as if she is completely lost in the sound coming from it. Her stance is so happy and relaxed; tilted face with a smile and legs bent, dancing to the mesmerizing beats of dholak.

She is wearing a short dhoti with a beautiful belt tied on her waist and ends fall down from sides gracefully; hair matted up together like that of Lord Shiva’s and some let loose to flow freely. In left hand she has a stick and right hand near the dholak for banging. Her accessories are creatively designed and they perfectly adorn her body enhancing her charmness. The orange and green colored dholak gives an accurate contrast to apsara’s accessories; exquisitely showing off her skin color. The wondrous green orange tinsel coming out of her head in a flowy manner appears as if gliding smoothly to infinity with the beats of drum. She is standing on a three layered rectangular pedestal having a leafy design. Bindi on her forehead showcases her feminity and the confidence in her gesture clearly indicates her fearlessness.

This wooden carved statue of apsara is a great eye catcher, if kept at home or office.

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Item Code: ZAS33
South Indian Temple Wood Carving
24.7 inch x 12.5 inch x 5 inch
4.5 kg
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