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The Pensive Lord Chenrezig

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The Pensive Lord Chenrezig
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The Tibetan deity Chenrezig is the most untiring of the Bodhisattvas. With His thousand arms and thousand heads, He strives until space and time remains to free those of us in ihaloka (current realm of existence) of existential perpetuation and suffering. In this superb sculpture of the Lord Chenrezig, He is depicted in a rudimentary bhadrasana. The plenitude of limb and head is invisible to us mandadhikaris (low-rung devotees).

Note the angulature of His long torso and the suppleness of His limbs: with such a lifelike stance, the form of the Lord irreversibly draws in the devotee. The typical robe of Buddhist deities bares one shoulder and features dense embroidery from the navel downwards. The finest adornments grace His beauteous person - necklaces resting on the broad decolletage, bracelets down those slender arms, and karna-kundalas that graze the zenith of His clavicles.

Zoom in on the handsome face of the Lord Chenrezig. The brow like the wings of a soaring albatross plunges into a sharp nose and a perfectly relaxed, symmetrical mouth. His crowned head drops gently forward, those half-shut eyes indicative of the deepest introspective contemplation.

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Item Code: ZDS16
Brass Statue
10.8 inch Height x 10.7 inch Width x 5.8 inch Depth
4.9 kg

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