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Pristine Ardhanarishvara

Pristine Ardhanarishvara
This organic-medium Ardhanarishvara is hands-down a collectible. The deity (‘ishvara’) that is half (‘ardha’) of a woman (‘nari’), the Ardhanarishvara is a powerful element of the Hindu pantheon, a composite entity that stands for the divine, life-giving confluence. It conveys the union of matter with energy, of the masculine with the feminine, of purusha unto prakrti, which according to Sankhyadarshana (an ancient system of Indian philosophy) is the birthspring of all which surrounds us (drshyam). Lord Shiva and His wife, Devi Parvati, stand for these principles, respectively.

The one-of-a-kind Ardhanarishvara iconography is a blend of the two. Lord Shiva merges into Devi Parvati, resulting in an image that contains the two in equal form and proportion. The father-mother confluence has been projected by the sculptor with perfect precision and symmetry. The raised-hooded snake on His angular torso, to the gold necklaces that are layered over the pallu drawn over Her soft curves; the tilaka on His forehead, to the gold natha (nose-ring) pierced into Her nose; and His jatamukuta, to Her ornate gold crown.

While Lord Shiva wields the damroo and the trishoola (trident) in His hands, She holds up a lotus and metes out blessings with Hers. There is Nandi on His side, while Her simhavahana is at Hers. The pedestal upon which stands Ardhanarishvara resembles a Himalayan rock arrangement, within the rigours of which is the home of Shiva-Parvati.

Item Code: ZEN827
Wood Statue from South India
29.50 inch Height X 12.50 inch Width x 4.00 inch Depth
4.80 Kg.
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