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Samapatti Lord Buddha

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Samapatti Lord Buddha
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The gamhar tree of the Indian deciduous belt yields a cream-coloured wood. Its texture is smooth as opposed to grainy, and has a fresh lustre that captures the glamour of the Shakyamuni. In fact, caught in the juncture of Enlightenment, the dhyani (meditative) Buddha bears an iridescence that has been replicated by an artisan skilled in the use of an organic medium. Zoom in on the relatively larger surfaces of His skin and robe in order to appreciate the finish of the sculptor’s tool.

The moment of Enlightenment is a point of intrinsic transition. It is a moment forged by years of samadhi or contemplation. What began as sabeeja (seeded) samadhi, led from the samprajnata to the asamprajnata state of being, which is true nirbeeja (seedless) samadhi. With His limbs gathered in the finest padamasana, His eyes shutting out the illusions without, the Buddha calls upon the earth (bhoomi) with the touch (sparsha) of His fingers to witness His Enlightenment. Indeed, the bhoomisparsha mudra (gesture) of His hand is rich with meaning.

The finesse of the silhouette makes this work of art a great aesthetic investment for your space. Its monotone adds to the aura of profound contemplation. Note the precise carve of the petals on His lotus pedestal and the handsome features of His princely countenance. Long, slender ears and a mass of gathered curls frame the sage’s face.

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Item Code: ZEN578
Gambhar Wood Sculpture from Bodh Gaya
23.70 inch Height X 13.70 inch Width x 5.00 inch Depth
5.00 Kg.
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