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Seated Buddha, His Eyes Unshut

Seated Buddha, His Eyes Unshut
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Between the born Shakyamuni and the enlightened Buddha are years of wandering, both intrinsic and extrinsic. Within a short span He had been a renunciate, a mendicant, an ascetic of the highest order, and a teacher of the greatest wisdom. The sculpture that you see on this page depicts Him after the enlightenment, poised in the classical meditative asana, the padmasana. His hands are resting in His lap, and on His palms is the almsbowl of His mendicant days.

Clad in a robe the colour of earth, the Buddha is sitting with His eyes unshut. An unusual aspect, given His traditional iconography focussed on the contemplative (samadhi) side of Him. His face has been given a matte finish, which goes well with the gold of His complexion. Well-defined brows, a sharp nose, a vivid mouth. The long earlobes, a definitive sign of wisdom in the east. A fine curve of azure colour demarcates the temple from the line of black curls gathered atop His head.

Item Code: ZBH65
Copper Statue Gilded with 24 Karat Gold
8.5 inch x 5.0 inch x 3.5 inch
1.1 kg

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