The Seedless Samadhi Of The Buddha

The Seedless Samadhi Of The Buddha

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Gautama Buddha is seated upon the soft pistil of a lotus. Its golden petals are indicative of full bloom, nestled amidst which is the figure of profound contemplation (samadhi). Underneath the folds of those sparsely embroidered robes, His legs are gathered in the poorna-padmasana. The open palm of the left hand rests on the meeting point of the heels, directly in line with the navel. The right hand lies over the knee, its fingertips barely grazing the earth. With the bhoomisparsha mudra, the Enlightened One calls upon the earth to bear witness to the intrinsic shift taking place.

The seated Buddha sculpture that you see on this page is one-of-a-kind. Made from brass, it has the unusual finish of weatherbeaten stone. An aesthetic statement, and testimony to the years of wandering and self-searching the erstwhile Shakyamuni devoted to Himself. It shows in the ruggedness of His form and the wisdom on His face, that face with half-shut eyes and a serene mouth. Flanked by earlobes lengthened by years of accumulation of absolute as opposed to material wisdom, a quintessential part of the iconography of any Indian deity.

A Buddha sculpture such as this one would be a valuable addition to your space. From the stateliness of His form to the radiance of His being, it is the very picture of seedlessness and samadhi.

This brass sculpture depicts the Lord Buddha in a form atypical of the Lord, replete with stateliness of posture, a calm composure of countenance, and radiating bliss and harmony. The partially lustrous finish of this lotus-propped statue sets a sombre, pensive mood characteristic of the Lord Himself.

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Brass Statue
45.5 inch Height x 31.5 inch Width X 22.5 inch Depth
82 kg
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