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The Solemn Lord Patanjali

Natural Brass
Amazing Silver
Cemented Gold
Double Chola
The Solemn Lord Patanjali
They say ayurveda dispels the impurities of being, Sanskrt vyakarana (dialectics) dispels the impurities of speech, and yoga dispels the impurities of the citta (psyche). It is none other than Maharshi Patanjali who, in His various incarnations, collated the prevailing knowledge in all three fields. As Maharshi Patanjali, He traversed the length and breadth of India and put together in no more than 195 sootras everything that there is to know about yoga. The brilliance of Patanjali’s aphorisms lies in the philosophy, and not the methodology, of yoga espoused in the same.

The traditional iconography of the father (and not founder) of yoga depicts a well-built man of youth, whose body transforms into the coils of a snake below the navel. This depicts the importance of the kundalini, the nerve plexus at the base of the spine, visualised in the shape of a slumbering snake. The five hoods of the creature rise in unison behind the Maharshi’s head like a halo, setting off the inherent gravitas of His countenance. Finally, the tail-end of His anguiline anatomy rests against a minimalistic layered pedestal.

Item Code: ZDP27
Brass Statue
10.0 inch x 3.5 inch x 2.5 inch
2.1 kg

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