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Standing Devi Tara, The Tall And Slender Yogini

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Standing Devi Tara, The Tall And Slender Yogini
Devi Tara is the feminine principle in Mahayana Buddhism, the equivalent of the Hindu Mother Parvati. She came to be venerated by Buddhists across the subcontinent with the Yogachara system of Asanga, as early as the fourth century. The elegant standing sculpture that you see on this page does justice to Her beauty and Her divine status as the Shakti of Lord Avalokiteshvara (His wife). Legend has it that She was born from a beam of light that emerged from one of His eyes.

Her iconography bears the hallmarks of the Indo-Nepalese devotional-visual arts. The ornate, multi-spired crown. The stems topped with fresh blooms that flank Her tall, slender form. A silken dhoti that clothes Her from the navel downwards, leaving the fertile torso of the Divine Mother exposed for the nourishment of Her devotees. Her signature shringar - long necklaces streaming down Her torso - is completed by the kundalas in Her ears and the composure of samadhi on Her countenance.

The pedestal, despite being a traditional lotus-bed one, is the most interesting aspect of this sculpture. Like Her it is tall, the sculptor having given it a stature taller than usual. It is close-shaped, imitative of the lissome silhouette of the Yogini. This sculpture comes in two different finishes, each colour palette symbolising a different temperament of the devotee in whose altar She is destined to stand.

Item Code: EX15
Brass Sculpture
51.5" X 15.0" X 9.5"
21.5 Kg

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