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The Sublime Devi Meenakshi

The Sublime Devi Meenakshi
Devi Meenakshi, as extolled by Adi Shankara, is Shri Vidya Herself. One of the triple Shakti manifestations of Devi Parvati (the other two being Devi Kamakshi and Devi Visalakshi), She is the wife of Lord Sundareshvara, a manifestation of Lord Shiva. She was originally a solitary Devi of Southern origin, the presiding deity over the well-being of Tamil fisherfolk, which explains Her names Devi Tadadakai (Tamil) and Devi Meenakshi (Sanskrt), both of which mean ‘the one with fish-like eyes’.

The murti that you see on this page distinguishes the iconography of Devi Meenakshi. Set upon Her fair face is a pair of distinctive eyes, as slender and as brilliant as the glimmering saltwater fish of the West Coast. Secondly, on a handheld cushion in Her right hand perches a parrot with a golden beak, in keeping with Her chhavi (image) at Her temple in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. She is clad in a saree the colour of crushed peaches and garlands of freshly plucked flowers are an integral part of Her shringar.

She is sculpted from solid white marble, which befits Her soft, youthful shape and pristine complexion. A minimalistic colour palette of green and blue and gold characterises the composition. There is a short aureole that surrounds Her and a tall, multi-tiered crown that tapers over Her head. This simple yet superbly finished Devi Meenakshi murti would be a valuable addition to the space of any devotee.

Item Code: ZEN987
White Marble Statue
15.30 inch Height X 6.00 inch Width x 2.70 inch Depth
4.20 Kg.

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