Superfine Gold Treasured Shadbhujadhari Shiva

Superfine Gold Treasured Shadbhujadhari Shiva

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Lord Shiva is the supreme god bestower of eternal bliss, peace, and immortality. He blesses his devotees with happiness and fulfills their dreams. Usually, sculptors represent Lord Shiva with two arms or four arms but in this beautiful marble statue Lord is represented with six arms that is why he is addressed as Shadbhujadhari (Six-armed). His long arms reflect his immense strength and supreme power to tackle cosmic forces.

Exotic India presents a marvelous marble statue of Lord Shiva in all its glory and grace. The upper torso of the body is decorated with golden rudraksh beads as necklaces and armlets. The serpent around the Lord’s neck indicates that he is fearless and immortal. In this statute, small serpents were tied around his wrists and even near the ankles. The Lord’s matted hair is tied on top of the head with a crescent moon on top. The crescent of the moon associates with the waxing and waning of the moon representing the life cycle of unending creation and destruction. If you observe carefully, you will find that the third eye on his forehead burns the desire to ashes. His six hands are holding deer, danda, cosmic womb, and two Kalash for Abhi shek. One of the hands is in Shiv’s mudra. The sacred Ganges is shown in a human form peeping out of his matted hair reflects the nectar of immortality. His half-open eyes indicate that he is meditating in Padmasana (Lotus Posture) and sitting on the tiger skin. His lower torso is wrapped in Leopard’s skin that is held with an ornated belt. The expressions on the Lord’s face exhibit calmness and contentment. The superfine marble statue embellished in alluring gold encapsulates the charisma of the Lord and his attributes of being benign or beneficent.

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32.00 inch Height X 22.5 inch Width X 10 inch Depth
105.60 kg
23 years in business
23 years in business
Shipped to 153 countries
Shipped to 153 countries
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