Superfine Large Buddha Wearing a Superb Robe

Superfine Large Buddha Wearing a Superb Robe

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A simple, seated Buddha sculpture. The left hand is in the contemplative stance, while the right is in the bhoomisparsha mudra. The limbs are gathered in the perfect padmasana, while the spinal column - back and shoulders and neck - is regally erect. The two most striking aspects of this sculpture is the handsome face of the Buddha and the gorgeous robe in which He is clad.

The face is small and characterised by distinctive features. Framed by earlobes lengthened with age and wisdom, the brow spreads across like the wings of an albatross. Half-shut eyes engraved with the finest symmetry. A sharp nose, followed by a lifelike mouth. A smooth complexion the colour of molten gold.

The robe of the Buddha is densely engraved with visual narratives of His ihalokiya life. He wanders in the wilderness and begs for alms; He attains enlightenment, then dispenses His transcendental knowledge to the worthy. The story of the life of Buddha is retold in His very raiment, an unputdownable visual aesthetic which would be a valuable addition to the home of the finest devotee.

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Item Code: ZED45
Brass Statue
33.5 inch Height x 22 inch Width x 16 inch Depth
46 kg

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