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Three Headed Musical Ganesha Playing a Flute

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Three Headed Musical Ganesha Playing a Flute
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Endowed with childlike innocence, soft and benign three-headed Ganesha is sculpted here in a dancing posture with the right toe touching the long black wooden pedestal and left foot artistically rests on the right knee. This three headed form of Ganesha is the Trimukhi Ganapati which represents the gunas or qualities- sattva, rajas and tamas. This is the most popular form of Ganesha where the centre (main) face represents Rajas, denoting passion, effort and activity; the other two are Sattva and Tamas of goodness and ignorance respectively. This Elephant headed deity is rich with lore and legend and is considered as the God of new beginnings.

Sculpted in a striking and unique hued brass, playing his flute, he spreads calmness and serenity in the world. Ganesha is a connoisseur of art and extremely fond of music and dance, which can easily be identified by the way this sculpture is carved. The flute that he holds in his front hands, arouses blissful tones. The other six hands hold his various implements useful to maintain the decorum of peace and happiness by removing obstacles. The trunk as a symbol of discrimination is sculpted in an upraised posture in all the three heads, all chiseled in extensive striations.

Ganesha is garbed in an beautiful dhoti and a large crown decorated in exquisite patterns from top to bottom. The large ears, like the winnow hear everything and retain only that which is good. It is believed that worshipping a Trimukhi Ganapati is an act of meeting him at the spiritual level; meditating this idol will help in overcoming the fear of life and odds.

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Item Code: ZEN872
Brass Statue on Wooden Base
16.00 inch Height X 8.00 inch Width x 4.00 inch Depth
2.40 Kg.
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