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Tibetan Buddhist Lord Buddha, The Universal Teacher

Tibetan Buddhist Lord Buddha, The Universal Teacher
Buddha taught samadhi, mastery over the mind, Panna, wisdom; one has to work to purify the mind - to come out of raga, i.e. craving; to come out of dosa, i.e. aversion; to come out of moha, i.e. ignorance. Like many teachers of different religions, Buddha also taught about sila, the five precepts, the panca sila, and like others he explained to people, in different ways, why they should observe sila. Buddha's object of meditation is so universal. Buddha’s four precepts being - one should not kill, should not steal, should not commit sexual misconduct, should not speak lies and yet we get intoxicated & commit all these four. Therefore don’t be a slave of the intoxicant.

This charming Bodh Gaya Buddha sculpture is exceptionally carved with best quality Gambhar wood in pale yellow. Portrayed in the vyakhyan (preaching) pose, in the padmasana posture , soothing half-closed eyes, quietly & upright on a stunning double-decker cushioned lotus pedestal with both the hands in preaching posture making the shape of ‘o’ by touching tips of thumb & index-figure with each other and balance three fingers being raised straight , the left hand resting on the crossed legs and right hand raised near the chest.

Draped in his one-sided half sleeved royal robe in single cloth with a thick border flowing evenly with a beautiful scarf lying on the left shoulder. Perfectly matted hair locks on the head forming a conical top with the usual elongated earlobes to hear the sufferings to be cured looks very fascinating. The rays of tranquillity & serenity are radiating out of his surrounding prabhamandal. An elegant & unique craftsmanship to be kept for the growth of mastery over your mind.

Item Code: ZEN473
Gambhar Wood Sculpture from Bodh Gaya
24.50 inch Height X 14.00 inch Width x 5.00 inch Depth
4.9 Kg.

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