Tribhanga Murari On An Ornate Stand

Tribhanga Murari On An Ornate Stand

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A Krishna figurine poised on an ornate stand. It is a half-and-half sculpture, the stand being as much the point of focus as the iconography. A diskette shaped like a flattened out flower, from under which emerge three legs. Each of the legs are sculpted to resemble a length of vine, thick and intertwined and curving gracefully towards the floor. They are carved in perfect symmetry to each other and exhibit great attention to detail.

On the back of an upturned lotus, its base set off by a circular structure, stands the handsome Lord Krishna. The unmistakable silhouette of the tribhanga murari (the one possessed of the flute), with the body jutting out (‘bhanga’) laterally at three (‘tri’) different junctures namely the shoulders, the hips, and the ankle. In keeping with the traditional iconography of Lord Krishna, He is clad in a dhoti held in place by a girdle below the navel, sashes of silk down the sides of His slender limbs, and adornments that befit the divine charm of the Vrindavan cowherd.

Despite the scale of the composition, the form and iconography have been executed with considerable precision. Zoom in on the perfectly enunciated features of the face and the distinguished digits of those hands. They hold a flute that is as long and lithe as to the youth Himself. From the tiers of the crown and the details of His ornaments to the engravings on the halo, every aspect of this murti is testimony to the artisan’s skill.

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Brass Statue
16.00 inch Height X 6.50 inch Width x 6.50 inch Depth
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