Tribhanga Murari With Kadamba Canopy For A Halo

Tribhanga Murari With Kadamba Canopy For A Halo

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As the cowherd youth recently arrived in Vrindavan, the effect Krishna had on the hearts of the cows and the milkmaids alike is known and sung about to this day. And it was not just His youth and handsomeness and the charm of His demeanour that brought Vrindavan thus to life. His way with the flute is the stuff of legends. In fact, myth has it that His music drew the simple-hearted to Himself like the paramaatma subsumes the realised jeevatma.

The murti that you see on this page is of the standing Krishna playing on His flute. The stance is known as the tribhanga murari: the body is jutting out laterally (‘bhanga’) at three (‘tri’) different junctures, whilst he is possessed of the flute (‘murari’). Clad in a dhoti of silk and a garland of fresh flowers picked from the woods of Vrindavan by soft, fair hands, the artisan has done well to bring out the ethereal seductiveness of this Vishnu-avatara.

Each aspect of this murti features a world of detail and complex handiwork. A handsome, lifelike face that looks far ahead into great cosmic depths. A crown as ornate as the pedestal coated with a multitude of elongated lotus petals. From behind the crown rises a canopy of the kadamba, the music of His flute breathing life into every branch and leaf and vein.

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57.00 inch Height X 20.00 inch Width X 13.00 inch Depth
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