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Vitarka Mudra Buddha Upon A Luxuriant Lotus Pedestal

Vitarka Mudra Buddha Upon A Luxuriant Lotus Pedestal
While seated Buddha sculptures are to be found in abundance, the one that you see on this page is a distinguished work of art. Made from pure brass, it depicts the erstwhile Shakyamuni in padmasana, a stance that is the culmination of bahiranga yoga or, in other words, of all asanas. In the left hand which He rests on His lap, He cradles the almsbowl, a remnant of His days of mendicancy; the right hand He raises in the vitarka mudra, which is the wisdom-dispensing mudra. His half-shut eyes seem to glow with the light of Enlightenment. His thick curls are piled high above His head in a bun whose silhouette resembles the stoopa. His face, sculpted in perfect symmetry, is flanked by earlobes wizened by age and accumulated wisdom. All of these aspects are integral to the Buddha iconography.

The robe He is wearing is an unusual one. Its surface area is embossed with identical chequered panels, each of which features a delicately petalled flower. The super-narrow border is defined by graciously curving vines. These make it one of the most glamorous robes a modern-day seated Buddha sculpture may come in. The pedestal on which the figure is poised is the most striking aspect of the composition. A gigantic lotus turned upside down; on top of it is a lotus of slightly smaller circumference, whose ample petals form concentric circles around the seat of the Buddha. Note the metallic gold highlights on the petals as well as the Buddha’s bare skin.

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Item Code: ZEO357
Brass Statue
11.20 inch Height X 9.50 inch Width x 7.70 inch Depth
4.8 Kg.

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