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Wooden Stand Buddha-Head

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Wooden Stand Buddha-Head
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The gracious head of the Buddha, carved upon a slender stand of wood. Fashioned from brass, its deep blue colour is complemented by the polished black of the stem and platform. Such a colour befits the Enlightened One: blue is the colour of awareness and depth and compassion, the ingredients of Buddhahood. It is after years of severe austerities and asceticism and wandering, of both the inward and outward kinds, that the erstwhile Shakyamuni became who He finally did.

A wide-set brow on a handsome face. An aquiline nose against a regal bone structure. A tender, compassionate mouth. Each aspect of the Buddha’s being has been captured to perfection in this singular cephalic sculpture. The half-shut eyes, the lengthened lobes of His ears, and the hair coiled atop His head are indicative of His wisdom and monkhood.

Zoom in on the hair cropped close against the brow of Lord Buddha. The same is gathered in a multitude of miniscule coils, each of which has been sculpted with identical precision and pleasing symmetry. A hint of the neck is visible beneath the chin, the curves of the conch engraved on it, conveying the sweetness of His voice. Undertones of almost white characterise the gorgeous colour of the brass of this composition. Note the superb finish of the black wooden stand that supports the work of art.

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Item Code: ZEN873
Brass Statue on Wooden Stand
14.00 inch Height X 4.5 inch Width x 4.70 inch Depth
1.30 Kg.
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