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An Exhaustive Collection of MP3s from India

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»  IZA418 : First Language Series Sravyabharati Kannada (Set of 3 MP3 CDs)
»  IZA422 : First Language Series Sravyabharati Telugu (Set of 3 MP3 CDs)
»  IZA419 : Second Language Series Sravyabharati Kannada (Set of 2 MP3 CDs)
»  IZA312 : An Intensive Course in Kannada (Set of 2 MP3 CDs)
»  IZA309 : An Intensive Course in Gujarati (Set of 3 MP3 CDs)
»  IZA310 : An Intensive Course in Marathi (Set of 3 MP3 CDs)
»  IZA311 : An Intensive Course in Sindhi (Set of 2 MP3 CDs)
»  ICY017 : Guru Nanak Dev’s Japji Sahib Discourses by Swami Swaroopananda (Set of 4 MP3 CDs)
»  IZZ878 : Seeds of Revolution My Most Loved Gospel on Jesus (MP3 CDs) (Set of 2 Volumes)
»  IZA307 : An Intensive Course in Malayalam (Set of 4 MP3 CDs)
»  ICR518 : Sanskrit Slokas (Volume 3) (MP3) 5 Hours Non Stop Play
»  ICR512 : Sanskrit Slokas Volume 1 (MP3) 5 Hours Non Stop Play
»  ICK027 : Lord Hanuman The Power of Dedication (7 Days, 7 Powers) (Power 6) (MP3) Inspirational Talks by Swami Swaroopananda
»  ICK028 : Lord Krishna The Power of God (7 Days, 7 Powers) (Power 7) (MP3) Inspirational Talks by Swami Swaroopananda
»  ICZ055 : Shanti Mantras from the Upanishads and Veda Samhitas With Commentary (MP3)
»  IZA290 : पंतजलि योगसूत्र Patanjali Yogasutra (DVD MP3)
»  ICC067 : Ram Naam Sukhdai Bhajans by Manna Dey (MP3 CD)
»  IZA306 : Hanuman Chalisa
»  ICA065 : Hare Hare Krishna Krishna Dhun (MP3)
»  IDA051 : Pranic Energisation Technique (MP3)
»  ICZ019 : Sahasra Namavali Collections - 5 Hours Non-Stop Plays (MP3)
»  ICK022 : Lord Ganesha The Power of Leadership (7 Days, 7 Powers) (Power 1) (MP3) Inspirational Talks by Swami Swaroopananda
»  ICK026 : Lord Rama The Power of Ethics (7 Days, 7 Powers) (Power 5) (MP3) Inspirational Talks by Swami Swaroopananda
»  ICE017 : Bhoole Bisre Geet
Mera Sundar Sapna Beet Gaya
Yeh Lo Main Haari Piya
Na Jao Saiyaan Chhuda Ke Baiyaan (MP3 CD)
»  ICD019 : Bhoole Bisre Geet Manna Dey Vol. I (MP3 CD)
»  ICC054 : Mukesh Ke Bhoole Bisre Geet (MP3 CD)
»  ICD016 : R.D. Burman The Versatile Genius (MP3 CD)
»  ICR529 : Ashtakam & Ashtotharam Collections (Sanskrit) (MP3) 5 Hours Non Stop Play
»  IZZ560 : Bhajan Sandhya Sai Bhajans (Mp3 CD)
»  ICR520 : Sri Laksminarasimha Slokas & Songs (Tamil & Sanskrit) (MP3) 5 Hours Non Stop Play
»  IZA216 : Andaaz Pyar Ka (Pyar Zindagi Hai) (MP3 CD)
»  IZA217 : Bhoole Bisre Geet (MP3 CD)
»  IZA219 : Bhoole Bisre Geet Manna Dey Vol. 2 (MP3 CD)
»  IZA210 : Shirdi Sai Bhajans and Songs (Volume -2) (MP3 Audio CD)
»  IZA158 : Shree Lakshmee Kubera Dhanaakarshana Poojaa (MP3 CD)
»  IZA132 : A Day with Lord Hanuman Be Close to The Lord All Through The Day (MP3 CD)
»  IZA134 : A Day with The Gayatri Mantra Be Close to The Lord All Through The Day (MP3 CD)
»  IZA136 : Ganesh Upasana The Complete Set of Daily Prayers (MP3 CD)
»  IZA139 : ईश्वर आस्था Ishwar Aastha (MP3 CD)
»  IZA068 : Aalam-E-Khusro (Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Sabri, Brothers mehnaz and Kajjan Begum) (MP3 CD)
»  IZA061 : Sakala Devatha Sahasranama Sthothrams (Sanskrit) (MP3 Audio CD)
»  IZA066 : Shri Vishnu Sahasranaam (6 Hours of Music) (Audio MP3 CD)
»  IZA021 : Best of Pandit Jasraj (Classic Performances by the Living Legend) (MP3 CD)
»  IZA009 : Srinivasa Prabhata Sevanjali (MP3 Audio CD)
»  IZZ994 : Classics Shobha Gurtu The Genius of Shobha Gurtu, Classical Treasures Vol. 1, Classical Treasures Vol. 2 (MP3 Audio CD)
»  IZZ995 : Classics Ustad Zakir Hussain, Pandit Ronu Majumdar, Pandit Vijay Raghav Rao (MP3 Audio CD)
»  IDA030 : Sacred Hymns of Sri Adishankaracharya (MP3)
»  IZZ882 : The Maestros Series Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma (MP3 CD)
»  IZZ890 : The Maestros Series Ustad Amjad Ali Khan (MP3 CD)
»  ICC089 : Devi Upasana (The Complete Set of Daily Prayers) (MP3 CD)
»  ICT243 : Jeevanrang (MP3)
»  ICT251 : Mehdi Hassan Rare Classics The Agony & Ecstasy of the Lover (MP3)
»  ICC084 : Saraswati Upasana (Veena Sahasrabuddhe - Stutis and Stotras) (MP3 CD)
»  IZZ770 : Know Thyself (MP3 CD)
»  IZZ772 : Yoga and Karma Sanyasa Yoga (MP3 CD)
»  IDA037 : Education and The Challenges of Life (MP3)
»  IDA036 : What is Life All About? A Series of 5 Public Talks in Amsterdam in 1968 (MP3)
»  IDA040 : Why Man Does Not Change by J. Krishnamurti (MP3)
»  ICT043 : Aitareya Upanisad Consciousness Is Brahman (MP3)
»  ICK059 : Prasna Upanisad (Fundamental Questions of Life) (MP3 Audio CD)
»  ICD051 : The Best of Santoor (MP3 CD) Over Three Hours of Music
»  ICC097 : Shri Hanuman (MP3 CD)
»  ICT285 : Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (Now and Forever Sublime Sufi Splendour) (MP3)
»  ICT101 : Shree Guru Stotram The Glory And The Grace of the Guru (Mp3)
»  ICD037 : Krishna (MP3 CD) Over 3 Hours of Devotional Music
»  ICT097 : Prabhata-Rasmih (Morning Rays) 10 Morning Talks (MP3)
»  ICT286 : Abida Parveen Kohinoor Classics (The Ethnic To The Universal) Glorious Urdu & Sufi Verse Immortalised (MP3)
»  ICT297 : Ganesh Aradhana (Marathi) (MP3)
»  ICC094 : Ganesh Upasana (MP3 CD)
»  ICC090 : Ram Upasana (The Complete set of Daily Prayers) (MP3 CD)
»  ICL047 : Surya Upasana Pandit Jasraj (The Complete Set of Daily Prayers) (MP3 CD)
»  ICC037 : Blues ‘70s Sad Songs from the ‘70s (MP3 CD)
»  ICV085 : Bhajan (MP3)
»  ICB097 : Ganesh Aartis & Mantras (MP3 CD)
»  ICB098 : Shri Ram (MP3 CD)
»  IDA019 : Sufi Essentials Over Four Hours of Music (MP3)
»  ICD042 : The Best Ghazal Collection (77 of the Greatest Ghazals) (MP3 CD)
»  ICZ056 : Rudra Namaka & Chamaka Meaning for All Mantras plus Commentary (MP3)
»  ICD028 : Feelings of Love Instrumental A Collection of 50 Superhit Instrumental Film Songs Tune (MP3 CD)
»  ICR511 : Nava Manthras (Gayatri Manthram) (MP3) 8 Hours Non Stop Play
»  ICT127 : Best of Bulleh Shah And Shah Hussain (MP3)
»  ICR528 : The Best of Tabla (Audio MP3)
»  ICR527 : The Very Best of Wadali Brothers & Other Artistes (Audio MP3)
»  ICK064 : Ramana Chintana (MP3)
»  ICC055 : Hits Of ’80s & ’90 (Hari Om Hari, Kaho Na Pyar Hai Tu Mere Samne, Pehla Nasha, Jujhse Naraz Nahin Zindagi) (MP3 CD)
»  ICL046 : Guru Mantra (MP3 CD)
»  ICC093 : Shirdi Ke Saibaba Mandir Ki Aartiyaan Aratia from the Saibaba Temple of Shirdi (MP3 CD)
»  ICV083 : Sufi (MP3)
»  ICY086 : Chalisa Sangrah (MP3)
»  ICY087 : Krishna Murari (MP3)
»  ICD020 : Strotam & Mahamantra Sangrah (MP3 CD)
»  ICV046 : My Party Rocks (MP3)
»  ICV030 : Non Stop Party Shots (All Time Greatest Remix Hits) (MP3)
»  ICE016 : Bhoole Bisre Geet
Main Dil Hoon Ek Armaan Bhara
Zindagi Denewale Sun
Dil-E-Naadan Tujhe Hua Kya (MP3 CD)
»  ICE014 : Dil Ki Aawaz Bhi Sun & Other Hits of O.P. Nayyar (MP3 CD)
»  ICF031 : Mujhe Kuchh Kehna Hai! (Hit Duets From Films) (MP3 CD)
»  ICD026 : Sada Bahaar Shanker Jaikishan (MP3 CD)
»  ICD052 : Shaadi Ke Geet Shehnai Se Vidaai Tak (MP3 CD)
»  ICD034 : Sizzling Hits Kishore Kumar (MP3 CD)
»  ICR247 : Best of Abida Parveen (Sufi Ghazal and Traditional Folk Songs) (MP3)
»  ICR574 : A Life In Music (Everlasting Works of The Maestros) (MP3)
»  ICR517 : Classical Instrumental (Veena, Saxophone, Violin, Nadaswaram) (Volume 2) (MP3) 5 Hours Non Stop Play
»  ICR510 : Classical Vocal (MP3) 5 Hours Non Stop Play
»  ICT098 : End of Suffering (MP3)
»  ICT103 : Slok Mahala Nauvan (MP3)
»  ICK023 : Devi The Power of Nature (7 Days, 7 Powers) (Power 2) (MP3) Inspirational Talks by Swami Swaroopananda
»  ICR285 : Best of Ahmed & Mohammed Hussain (MP3)
»  ICJ029 : Mere Bhagwan…Shri Hanuman (MP3 Audio)
»  ICC056 : Patriotic Songs Watan Ki Raah Mein Desh Ka Pyara Jahan Dal Dal Pe Aye Mere Watan Ke Logo Jana Gana Mana (MP3 CD)
»  ICF030 : Welcome O' Krishna (Swagatam Krishna) (MP3 CD)
»  ICA072 : Taittiriya Upanishad Lectures by Swami Ranganathanandaji (MP3)
»  ICR049 : Icon Jagjit Singh & Others (MP3 CD)
»  ICR072 : Icon R D Burman (MP3)
»  ICF029 : 50 In 1 Subhash Ghai Hits (MP3 CD)
»  ICD055 : Prince of Bollywood (MP3 CD)
»  ICA073 : Srimad Bhagavatam (MP3) Lectures by Swami Ranganathanandaji
»  ICD045 : Everybody on Dance Floor Round 5 (MP3 CD)
»  ICC046 : Festive Shehnai (Ustad Bismillah Khan & Party) (MP3 CD)
»  ICB092 : Noor Jehan
{Queen of Melody, Melodious Collection of Her Evergreen Hits} (MP3 CD)
»  ICA053 : Om Shiv Dhuni (MP3)
»  ICA066 : Radhe Krishan Radhe Shyam by Jagjit Singh (Dhuni) (MP3)
»  ICJ030 : Satguru Nanak Teri Lila Niyari (MP3 Audio)
»  ICB048 : Shabad Gurbani (Vol. 4) Jis ke Sir Upar Tu Swami
(MP3 CD)
»  ICJ027 : Kishore Sings For Kishore (MP3)
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