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An Exhaustive Collection of MP3s from India

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»  IZA308 : An Intensive Course in Tamil (Set of 4 MP3 CDs)
»  IZA313 : An Intensive Course in Telugu (Set of 3 MP3 CDs)
»  IZZ896 : Sri Devi Mahatmyam (MP3)
»  IZA230 : Bhagawad Geeta Chanting (MP3 CD)
»  IZA141 : Lectures on Mahabharata Shanti Parva (A Set of 2 MP3 CDs)
»  ICA075 : Raja Yoga English Translation and Commentary by Swami Vivekananda (Patanjali's Yoga Sutras) (MP3 CD) Read out by Bidyut Bose
»  ICD014 : Enchanting Moments with Kishore Kumar (MP3 CD)
»  IDA047 : Sri Valmiki Ramayanam (Balakanda – 1-77 Sargas) (MP3)
»  ICK024 : Lord Shiva The Power of Freedom (7 Days, 7 Powers) (Power 3) (MP3) Inspirational Talks by Swami Swaroopananda
»  IZA138 : सम्पूर्ण रुद्राभिषेक Sampurna Rudrabhisek (Astadhyayi) Sacred Chants and Mantras of Shiva (MP3 CD)
»  ICR514 : Sanskrit Slokas Volume 2 (MP3) 5 Hours Non Stop Play
»  IDA045 : The Art of Meditation (MP3)
»  ICK074 : Bhagavata Saptah (Set of 4 MP3 CDs)
»  IZA240 : श्री गुरु गीता Sri Guru Gita with Sri Guru Ashtakam (Audio Book MP3 CD)
»  ICD021 : Gayatri Mantra Mahamrityunjay Mantra (MP3 CD)
»  IZA361 : Jaya Deva's Geeta Govindam (Audio CD MP3)
»  IZA135 : A Day with Goddess Devi Be Close to The Goddess All Through The Day (MP3 CD)
»  IZA091 : मानस गुरु गीता Manas Guru Geeta - Part 1 to 24 (Set of 3 MP3 CDs)
»  ICC085 : Durga Upasana Mantras (From Durga Saptashati) (MP3 CD)
»  IZA067 : Greatest Bhajans (Featuring 75 Greatest Bhajans By Legends) (MP3 CD)
»  IZZ984 : Tantra The Supreme Understanding (Discourse 1-10) (MP3 CD)
»  IZA018 : Best of Dagar Brothers (A Collection of Spellbinding Dhrupad Performances) (MP3 CD)
»  IZA193 : Classics - Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia (MP3 Audio CD)
»  IZA298 : Best of Mehdi Hassan Experience The Mysticism of Shahenshah-E-Ghazal (MP3)
»  ICA074 : Chandogya Upanishad (MP3) Lectures by Swami Ranganathanandaji
»  ICA071 : Vivekachudamani Lectures by Swami Ranganathanandaji (MP3)
»  ICA076 : Brihadaranyaka Upanishad (Set of Two MP3 CDs) Lectures by Swami Ranganathanandaji
»  ICR525 : Shiva Songs & Slokas On Lord Shiva (Tamil & Sanskrit) (MP3) 6 Hours Non Stop Play
»  IZA045 : उपनिषद प्रवचन माला Discourses Upanishad Pravachan Mala (Set of 2 MP3 CDs)
»  IZA172 : 7 Secrets of Shiva (Audiobook MP3 CD)
»  IZZ989 : Osho Talks The Art of Dying (MP3 Audio CD)
»  IZZ584 : Sai Bhajans (Our Humble Offering at The Lotus Feet of Our Most Beloved Bhaghawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba) (Mp3 CD)
»  ICR516 : Shirdi Sai Bhajans & Songs (MP3) 5 Hours Non Stop Play
»  IZA221 : Doli De Geet (The Biggest Collection of Punjabi Wedding Songs’) (Audio MP3 CD)
»  IZA215 : Evergreen Duets of Manna Dey (MP3 CD)
»  IZA220 : Kalam-e-Sultan Bahu (MP3 CD)
»  IZA222 : Mehdi Hassan (Shehenshah-e-Ghazal) (MP3 CD)
»  IZA218 : Shaam-E-Ghazal (Ghazals From Films) (Vol. 2) (MP3 CD)
»  IZA223 : Twelve Jyotiling (MP3 CD)
»  IZA156 : Gurbani Celebrating 300 Years of Guru Granth Sahib (MP3 Audio CD)
»  IZA157 : The Golden Collection of Ghulam Ali (48 Most Popular Ghazals of The Legend) (MP3 Audio CD)
»  IZA133 : A Day With Lord Shiva Be Close to The Lord All Through The Day (MP3 CD)
»  IZA140 : Shiv-Shakti Sansar (MP3 CD)
»  IZA099 : Can Married Life be a Happy Life Osho Discourses in English (MP3 Audio CD)
»  IZA098 : Hypnotism Osho Discourse in English (MP3 Audio CD)
»  ICK025 : Lord Vishnu The Power of Self-Actualisation (7 Days, 7 Powers) (Power 4) (MP3) Inspirational Talks by Swami Swaroopananda
»  IZA062 : Morning Mantras and Navagraha Mantras (Sanskrit) (MP3 Audio CD)
»  IZA070 : Sufi Classics (Best of Sufi Tracks) (MP3 Audio CD)
»  IZA044 : मानव जीवन का रहस्य Discourses Manav Jeevan Ka Rahsya (Set of 2 MP3 CDs)
»  IZA049 : रामचरित मानस प्रवचन माला Discourses Ramcharit Manas Pravachan Mala (Set of 5 MP3 CDs)
»  IZA048 : श्री कृष्ण लीला चिन्तन Discourses on Srikrishna Leela Chintan (MP3 CD)
»  IZA020 : Best of Pt. Shivkumar Sharma (Unforgettable Performances by The Master of Santoor) (MP3 CD)
»  IZA017 : Best of Ustad Bismillah Khan (Unforgettable Performances by The Shahenshah of Shehnai) (MP3 CD)
»  IZA019 : Best of Vilayat Khan (A Collection of His Most Memorable Performances) (MP3 CD)
»  IZA013 : The Best of Pandit Jasraj Songs of Krishna (Devotional Renderings of Selected Stotras) (MP3 CD)
»  IZA007 : Nansen The Point of Departure (Discourse 1-5) (MP3 CD)
»  IZZ991 : Classical Encounter A Live Experience with (MP3 Audio CD)
»  IZZ998 : Sri Rudra Ghanam To Get Divine Protection (MP3 Audio CD)
»  IZZ985 : Dogen, The Zen Master A Search and a Fulfillment (Discourse 1-8) (MP3 CD)
»  IZZ988 : From Misery to Enlightenment (Discourse 1-10)
»  IZZ987 : Nirvana The Last Nightmare (Discourse 1-10) (MP3 CD)
»  IZZ986 : Zen The Solitary Bird Cuckoo of the Forest (Discourse 1-15) (Set of Two MP3 CDs)
»  IZZ990 : Khazana –Pandit Bhimsen Joshi and Pandit Jasraj (Vocal) (MP3)
»  IZZ981 : Live Zen Discourse 1-8 (MP3 CD)
»  IZZ982 : The Diamond Sutra Discourse 1-11 (MP3 CD)
»  IZZ983 : Vedanta Seven Steps to Samadhi (Discourse 1-7) (MP3 CD)
»  IZZ976 : Songs of Enlightenment Kathopanishad (A Dialogue with Death!) (Set of 4 MP3 Audio CDs)
»  ICC015 : Devi Over 4 Hours of Music (MP3 CD)
»  IZZ881 : The Maestros Series Pandit Bhimsen Joshi (MP3 CD)
»  IZZ891 : The Maestros Series Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia (MP3 CD)
»  ICC069 : Hanuman Upasana The Complete Set of Daily Prayers (MP3 CD)
»  IDA052 : Bhakti Lahari The Science of Emotion Culture (MP3)
»  ICF047 : The Best of Hindustani Vocal Nearly Seven Hours of Music (MP3 CD)
»  ICR250 : Kailasa Chaandan Mein (Classic Sufi Love Hits) (MP3)
»  IZZ880 : Hari Om Tat Sat (Set of 4 MP3 CDs)
»  IZZ879 : From Unconciousness to Consciousness (Set of 3 MP3 CDs)
»  IZZ875 : Tao The Pathless Path (Set of 4 MP3 CDs)
»  IZZ874 : The Dhammapada The Way of The Buddha (Set of 12 MP3 CDs)
»  ICO057 : Vaahini (The Sacred and the Worldly) by Internationally Acclaimed Bharata Natyam Dancer-choreographer Malavika Sarukkai (DVD)
»  IZZ876 : Vigyan Bhairav Tantra (Set of 8 MP3 CDs)
»  IZZ877 : YAA-HOO! The Mystic Rose (Set of 2 MP3 CDs)
»  IZZ873 : Yoga The Alpha and The Omega (Set of 10 MP3 CDs)
»  ICR513 : Classical Instrumental (MP3) 5 Hours Non Stop Play
»  ICT055 : Bhagavad-Gita (Set of 18 MP3 CDs) Shloka by Shloka Explanation of the Complete Gita
»  ICK060 : Isavasya Upanishad Discourses (MP3 Audio CD)
»  ICR522 : Sakala Devatha Gayathri Manthravali (108 Gayathri Manthras) (MP3) 6 Hours Non Stop Play
»  ICK057 : Kaivalya Upanishad (Blissful Solitude) (MP3 Audio CD)
»  IZZ559 : Jaap Sahib 24 hours (Set of 2 Mp3 CDs) - In Punjabi
»  ICT104 : The Inner Ramayana (MP3)
»  ICR515 : Daily Poojas (Special Edition) (MP3) 5 Hours Non Stop Play
»  ICR050 : IconPankaj Udhas (MP3 CD)
»  IZZ248 : Aarti (A Collection of 19 Popular Aartis) (Audio MP3)
»  ICD048 : Main To Aarti Utaroon Re & Other Devotional Songs (MP3 CD) Includes Hit Songs by Mohd. Rafi, Mukesh, Lata Mangeshkar & Asha Bhosle
»  ICC095 : Gayatri Mantra (MP3 CD)
»  ICR274 : Shiv Upasana (Stutis & Stotras On Lord Shiva)(MP3)
»  ICC068 : Shiv Upasana The Complete Set of Daily Prayers (MP3 CD)
»  ICV063 : Hinduism by Swami Vivekananda (MP3)
»  ICD031 : Shiva (MP3 CD) Over 4 Hours of Devotional Music
»  ICD054 : The Best Bhajan Collection (83 Tracks for Divinity) (MP3 CD)
»  ICD030 : The Best of Hindustani Instrumental (Over 8 Hours of Music) (MP3 CD)
»  ICL021 : Taittiriya Upanisad “The Pursuit of Happiness” Discourses by Swami Nikhilananda (Set of 2 MP3 CDs)
»  ICR526 : Arziyaan (The Most Popular Collection of Sufi Music) (Audio MP3)
»  ICD015 : The Best of Sitar (Over Three Hours of Unending Bliss) (MP3 CD)
»  ICD056 : The Best Sufi Collection (67 of the Greatest Sufi Tracks)
(MP3 CD)
»  IDA042 : Noshtoneed and Other (Stories by Rabindranath Tagore Vol. 2) (Bengali MP3)
»  IDA060 : Ranayniyam Sama Ganam (Sama Veda) (MP3)
»  IDA017 : Bhangra (MP3)
»  ICY034 : Sampurna Navagraha Strotha Shanti Paath (MP3)
»  ICR521 : Sri Jayadeva’s Ashtapadi (MP3) 24 Songs
»  ICE003 : The One & Only Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (Best of his Punjabi Collection) (MP3 CD)
»  ICZ020 : The Complete Bhupen Hazarika (MP3)
»  ICY062 : Abida Parveen Dard-E-Dil 56 Immortal Songs (MP3)
»  ICY064 : Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Punjabi Qawwaliyan Te Geet (MP3)
»  ICR070 : Devi - Seven Stotras Illuminate Seven Forms of Devi (MP3)
»  ICV045 : Jalwa India’s Biggest DJs (MP3)
»  ICE012 : Folk Lore of Punjab Wedding Songs A Collection of 40 Traditional Songs (MP3 CD)
»  ICT108 : Guru Nanak Dev’s Japji Sahib Five Pauris (MP3)
»  ICT099 : Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra (MP3)
»  ICR524 : Sahasra Namavali Collections (MP3) 5 Hours Non Stop Play
»  ICR519 : Srimannarayana (Sri Balaji Pancharathnamala) (MP3) 5 Hours Non Stop Play
»  ICT111 : Sukhmani Sahib The Jewel of Happiness (MP3)
»  ICD049 : The Best of Flute (MP3 CD) - Over Five Hours of Unceasing Bliss
»  ICK054 : Pandit Jasraj Live (MP3 CD)
»  ICD029 : Romantic Hits of Mohd. Rafi (MP3 CD)
»  ICE002 : Tu Kahe Agar & Other Hits of Naushad (MP3 CD)
»  ICK047 : Geeta Chanting (MP3)
»  ICK031 : Satyam Shivam Sundaram (MP3 Audio CD)
»  ICC098 : Sufi (MP3 CD)
»  ICR068 : Ghazal Queens – Aashiyane Ki Baat Karte Ho Dil Jalane Ki Baat Karte Ho… (MP3)
»  ICR071 : Icon Mohd. Rafi (MP3)
»  ICB030 : Thandi Hawayen & Other Hits of S. D. Burman
(MP3 CD)
»  ICA070 : Svetasvatara Upanishad Lectures by Swami Ranganathanandaji (MP3)
»  ICB090 : Ghalib Nama
(22 Everlasting Ghazals Sung by Maestros)
(MP3 CD)
»  ICB091 : Kalaam-E-Sufi
(The Journey Through Time (Volume One MP3 CD)
»  ICC045 : Reshma A Rare Collection of Her Works (Everlasting Hits by the Desert Queen) (MP3 CD)
»  ICK065 : Mukundamala Commentary in English (MP3)
»  ICE008 : Sadhana (MP3 CD)
»  ICD091 : Best of His Urdu Collection Inimitable Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
(45 Tracks) (MP3 CD)
»  ICD053 : Kishore Kumar in Various Moods (MP3 CD)
»  ICC033 : Discourses on the Srimad Bhagavad Gita (Set of Seven MP3 CDs)
»  ICB076 : Youth Convention Collections
Values for Changing Societies
»  ICA024 : Srila Prabhupada Complete Bhajans (Bhaktivedanta Archives Newly Remastered) (MP3 CDs)
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