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»  IZA373 : Bhinn Shadaj by Pandit Pushpraj Koshti (DVD)
»  IZZ602 : Destiny Call of The Divine - Mystical Flute (Audio CD)
»  ICY092 : Digital Tevaram (CD-Rom)
»  IDA091 : Gharana Aur Parampara Gwalior Gharana Vol. 2 (With Booklet Inside) (DVD)
»  IZZ968 : Akashvani Sangeet (Audio CD) (With Booklet Inside)
»  IZZ085 : Jhanak (Mesmerising Classical Renditions) (Audio CD)
»  ICR452 : Pure (Audio CD)
»  ICV054 : Raga Sudha Rasa Best of Indian Raga Music From North (With Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)
»  IZA363 : Great Master Series - Ustad Fahimuddin Khan Dagar (DVD)
»  ICX035 : Learn To Play Veena Vol. 2 (DVD)
»  IZZ303 : Gharana Aur Parampara Jewel of Kirana Pt. Bhimsen Joshi (Vol- II) (With Booklet Inside) (DVD)
»  IZZ633 : Gharana aur Parampara Jewel of Kirana - Pt. Bhimsen Joshi (With Booklet Inside) (Volume - I) (DVD)
»  IZZ613 : Pandit Ram Narayan (DVD)
»  IZZ237 : Pt. Jasraj Best of Doordarshan Archives (DVD)
»  ICG057 : Learn To Play Sitar (DVD Video)
»  IZZ194 : Learn To Sing Hindustani Classical Vocal (Vol. 1) DVD
»  IZZ304 : Raga Sudha Rasa Jugalbandi Sarod Samrat Ustad Amjad Ali Khan (Vol-IV) (With Booklet Inside) (DVD)
»  IZZ612 : Rooh-E-Mousiqi Begum Akhtar (With Booklet Inside) (DVD)
»  ICR114 : First Time on CD – Ragas By Pt. Mallikarjun Mansur - Classical Vocal (Audio CD)
»  IDA034 : Season A Festival of Classical Music and Dance in Chennai (DVD)
»  IZZ812 : Swara Ganga M.S.Subbulakshmi Bharat Ratna Series (Vol II, With Booklet Inside) (DVD)
»  IZZ814 : Swara Ganga M.S.Subbulakshmi Bharat Ratna Series Vol-I (With Booklet Inside) (DVD)
»  IZZ496 : The Generations Series (The Sabri Family) (Audio CD)
»  ICT113 : Bharat Ratna Series Naad Shikhar Ustad Bismillah Khan from the Doordarshan Archives (DVD)
»  IDK319 : Harmonium Lessons with Vaiyasaki (DVD)
»  IZZ280 : Abhang Vani from Doordarshan Archives (Vol-III) (With Booklet Inside) (DVD)
»  ICC072 : The Best of Sitar (Audio CD)
»  IZZ054 : Sacred Raga (Raga Shyam Kalyan) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ322 : Mesmerizing Maestros Pt. Jasraj & Ustad Zakir Hussain (Audio CD)
»  IZZ965 : Morning to Midnight (Audio CD)
»  IZZ862 : The Greatest Hits of Girija Devi (Audio CD)
»  IZZ517 : The Genius of Pt. Nikhil Banerjee (Set of 3 Audio CDs)
»  IZZ525 : The Unparalleled Maestros (Audio CD)
»  IZA018 : Best of Dagar Brothers (A Collection of Spellbinding Dhrupad Performances) (MP3 CD)
»  IZA193 : Classics - Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia (MP3 Audio CD)
»  ICR437 : Malhar (A Celebrate of Monsoons!) (Audio CD)
»  ICV050 : Nada Veda Omkara Sara Rudraveena 100 Years of Recorded Music In India (Volume I) (With Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ639 : Pt. Kumar Gandharva (With Booklet Inside) (DVD)
»  IZZ095 : Dharohar (Raga Bilaskhani Todi) (Sitar) (Audio CD)
»  ICR144 : Mesmerizing Maestros – Ustad Vilayat Khan – Ustad Zakir Hussain (Indian Classical Sitar & Tabla (Audio CD)
»  IZZ917 : Solo Tabla (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  ICE084 : Baiju Bawara A Tribute by Pt. Jasraj (Set of Two Audio CDs)
»  IZZ667 : Filigree of Rhythm Ustad Ahmad Jan Thirakwa Pandit Kishan Maharaj (Volume - I) (With Booklet Inside) (DVD)
»  IZZ611 : Nagaswaram Ancient and Auspicious (With Booklet Inside) (DVD)
»  ICT112 : Raga Sudha Rasa Best of Indian Raga Music From North From the Archives of Doordarshan (DVD)
»  ICR200 : Evergreen Yaman (Audio CD)
»  ICZ086 : The Great Heritage Exclusive Archival Collection Pt. D.V. Paluskar Hindustani Classical Vocal (Set of 3 Audio CDs)
»  ICN068 : Recreating A Dream Kishori Amonkar - Vocal (Ragas Jaunpuri Bhoop Pat Bihag) (Audio CD)
»  ICQ012 : Sampradaya Carrying Forward A Tradition… (Ragas Alhaiya Bilawal, Jeevanpuri & Bhairavi) (Two Audio CDs) Live at Kensington Hall, London, 2000
»  ICR246 : Ananda (Sublime Melodies Carnatic Flute) (Audio CD)
»  ICE052 : Soul Raga Ronu Majumdar (Audio CD)
»  ICT128 : Ustad Shujaat Khan Live in Concert (Audio CD)
»  IZZ623 : Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma (Archival Kannada Collection) (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  ICY085 : Note Extraordinaire A Film on Kishori Amonkar (DVD)
»  IZZ621 : The Best of Pt Hariprasad Chaurasia Ever (Set of 5 Audio CDs)
»  ICF071 : Dr. Gangubhai (Gandhari) Hangal Golden Milestones Series (Audio CD)
»  ICD085 : Golden Milestones Ustad Vilayat Khan (Audio CD)
»  ICJ034 : Pt. Mallikarjun Mansur (Audio CD)
»  ICZ067 : The Great Heritage Exclusive Archival Collection Pandit Pannalal Ghosh – Flute (Set of 3 Audio CDs)
»  ICR592 : Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma (Golden Raaga Collection) (Audio CD)
»  ICR448 : Parveen (Audio CD)
»  ICC082 : Thumri The Music of Love (Audio CD)
»  IZA214 : Classical Encounter A Live Experience with Smt. Kishori Amonkar(Vocal 1) (Audio CD)
»  IZA213 : Drums of India Ustad Alla Rakha –Ustad Zakir Hussain (Tabla) (Audio CD)
»  IZA215 : Evergreen Duets of Manna Dey (MP3 CD)
»  IZZ810 : Vintage 78 RPM Records- Pandit Swami Gandharva Classical Vocal (Audio CD)
»  IZA197 : Classical Encounter Legends of Indian Classical Music (Vocal) (Audio CD)
»  IZA196 : Raga Reflections Classical Vocal (Audio CD)
»  IZA195 : Ustad Ali Akbar Khan Classical Instrumental –Sarod (Audio CD)
»  IDK318 : Kartal Lessons (DVD)
»  IZA168 : Kishori Amonkar (Jaipur Gharana) (Audio CD)
»  IZA170 : Veena Sahasrabuddhe The First Milestone (Audio CD)
»  IZA152 : A Tribute to Baiju Bawra –Padmashree Ustad F. Wasifuddin Dagar (Audio CD)
»  IZA151 : Classical Encounter Vocal -2 (A Live Experience) (Audio CD)
»  IZA153 : Jugalbandi -II (Audio CD)
»  IZA154 : Sound of Veena (Audio CD)
»  IZA146 : Flute Deity (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  IZA142 : Great Jugalbandis (Audio CD)
»  IZA101 : Classical Encounter A Live Experience with Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia - Flute (Vol. 1) (Audio CD)
»  IZA102 : Classical Encounter A Live Experience with Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia - Flute (Vol. 2) (Audio CD)
»  IZA104 : Classical Encounter A Live Experience with Smt. Kishori Amonkar - Vocal (Vol. 1) (Audio CD)
»  IZA105 : Classical Encounter A Live Experience with Smt. Kishori Amonkar - Vocal (Vol. 2) (Audio CD)
»  IZA118 : Classical Masterpieces (Ustad Niyaz Ahmed Khan and Ustad Fayyaz Ahmed Khan) (Collector’s Premium Pack) (Set of Two Audio CD)
»  IZA080 : मैफल (शास्त्रीय, उपशास्त्रीय गायन) Maifal- Shastriya, Upshastriya Gayan (Set of 2 Audio CD)
»  ICV057 : In Praise of The Almighty Sufiana Qawwalis 100 Years of Recorded Music In India (With Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)
»  ICZ018 : Panchmahabhoota – The 5 Elements with Vastu Benefits & Knowledge (Set of 5 Audio CDs)
»  IZZ232 : Raga Sudha Rasa Sarod Samrat Ustad Amjad Ali Khan (Vol. II) (From Doordarshan Archives) (DVD)
»  IZA020 : Best of Pt. Shivkumar Sharma (Unforgettable Performances by The Master of Santoor) (MP3 CD)
»  IZA017 : Best of Ustad Bismillah Khan (Unforgettable Performances by The Shahenshah of Shehnai) (MP3 CD)
»  IZA019 : Best of Vilayat Khan (A Collection of His Most Memorable Performances) (MP3 CD)
»  IZZ991 : Classical Encounter A Live Experience with (MP3 Audio CD)
»  IZZ990 : Khazana –Pandit Bhimsen Joshi and Pandit Jasraj (Vocal) (MP3)
»  IZZ978 : The Other Song (DVD)
»  IZZ247 : Brahm Naad 1094 Sitarists from World Over (DVD)
»  ICF077 : "Sri Venkateshwara Vaibhavam" KUCHIPUDI (Classical Dance Form Of Andhra Pradesh) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ415 : The Great Heritage Exclusive Archival Collection Hirabai Barodekar (Set of 3 Audio CDs)
»  IZZ035 : Akashvani Sangeet (Living Treasure) Pandit Bhimsen Joshi (Hindustani Vocal Volume-1) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ034 : Akashvani Sangeet (Living Treasure) Pandit Bhimsen Joshi (Hindustani Vocal Volume-2) (Audio CD)
»  ICR139 : Rare Melodies – Parween Sultana (Audio CD)
»  ICO039 : Learn to Play Ghatam V. Umashankar (With English Sub-Titles) (DVD)
»  IZZ960 : Shabad (By Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ899 : Best Jugalbandis (Audio CD)
»  IZZ888 : Gaayaki on Violin (Audio CD)
»  IZZ902 : Khayal (Classical Vocal) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ887 : Magical Vibes (Flute Fusion) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ904 : Masterworks from the NCPA Archives live Ustad Bismillah Khan (Set of Two Audio CDs)
»  IZZ915 : Ravayaat Jagjit Singh (Audio CD)
»  IZZ881 : The Maestros Series Pandit Bhimsen Joshi (MP3 CD)
»  IZZ891 : The Maestros Series Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia (MP3 CD)
»  ICR421 : Golden Raaga Collection – Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia (Flute) (Audio CD)
»  ICX093 : Temple Music (Audio CD)
»  IZZ315 : Best in Lounge Indian Spirit “Featuring India-Inspired Lounge By World – Famous Stars” (Collector’s Edition) (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  ICZ060 : The Royal Collection of Mewar Raga Kambhoji (Dhrupad) (Audio CD)
»  ICB024 : Afternoon Ragas (A Set of 4 CDs)
»  ICT185 : Astachhap Haveli Sangeet Mangala Padavali (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  ICR123 : Dhrupad – Baha – Ud – Din Dagar (Rudra Veena) (Audio CD)
»  ICT126 : Instrument of India (Set of 6 Audio CDs)
»  IZZ078 : Maestros (Set of 2 Audio CD) Zakir Husain Tabla
»  IDK316 : Mridunga Drum Lessons (Devotional Series) (DVD)
»  ICY011 : Prem Joshua & Band Luminous Secrets (With Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)
»  ICT053 : Ravi Shankar Geroge Harrison (Collaborations) (3 CDs + DVD)
»  ICP082 : Shakti & Peace - The Essence of Tradition (Hindustani Vocal) (Two Audio CDs)
»  IZZ290 : Sound Scapes Mountains, Rivers, Valleys, Seas and Deserts (A Set of 5 Audio CDs)
»  ICR278 : Swar Sanchay (A Collection of Landmark Recordings by Young & Talented Musicians) (Kalapini Komkali) Barwa (Audio CD)
»  IZZ011 : Tales of A Dancing River (Audio CD)
»  ICF047 : The Best of Hindustani Vocal Nearly Seven Hours of Music (MP3 CD)
»  ICI032 : The Elements Wind (Audio CD)
»  IDA085 : Gharana Aur Parampara Gwalior Gharana Vol. 1 (With Booklet) (DVD)
»  ICV052 : Gharana Aur Parampara Mewati Gharana (Volume I) (With Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)
»  ICZ050 : Ravi Shankar Definitive Collection (Set of 3 Audio CDs)
»  IZZ884 : Solid Gold A Treasure Trove of Masterpieces - Suraiya (Set of 2 Audio CDs) (With Booklet)
»  ICR434 : Bhaj Govindam Adi Shankaracharya's Timeless Wisdom (Audio CD)
»  IZZ864 : Drums of India (Pandit Anindo Chatterjee -Tabla) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ868 : Drums of India (Ustad Shaik Dawood - Tabla) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ858 : Secrets of Love Relax into the melodies of Love (Audio CD)
»  IZZ863 : The Best of Tabla (Ustad Alla Rakha, Ustad Zakir Hussain) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ844 : Girija Devi Golden Raaga Collection (Audio CD)
»  IZZ832 : Introducing Meeta Pandit Raga Rang (Audio CD)
»  IZZ837 : Pandit Jasraj The Spiritual Journey 75th Birthday Celebrations (Audio CD with Booklet Inside)
»  IZZ829 : Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma Raga Basant Mukbari (Golden Raaga Collection Santoor)(Audio CD)
»  ICZ093 : The Best of Indian Classical Music Ever Hindustani Classical Vocal From 1902 to 2010 (Set of 14 Audio CDs)
»  IZZ516 : The Great Heritage Ustad Amir Khan (Exclusive Archival Collection) (Set of 3 Audio CDs)
»  IZZ883 : Solid Gold A Treasure Trove of Masterpieces - Salil Chowdhury (Set of 2 Audio CDs With Booklet)
»  IZZ791 : Meditation In Vrindavan (Audio CD)
»  IZZ818 : Thillanas (Audio CD)
»  ICT132 : The World of Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia (Set of 5 Audio CDs)
»  ICI003 : The Royal Collection of Mewar (Heritage Recordings from the Private Archives of the Royal Family of Mewar) Ragas Bhupali, Shankara Dhrupad (Audio CD)
»  ICR513 : Classical Instrumental (MP3) 5 Hours Non Stop Play
»  ICD007 : Gayathri Veena Carnatic Classical Instrumental (Audio CD) - Immortal Series
»  ICJ044 : Rehnuma (A Tribute To My Father) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ286 : Bismillah of Benaras An Unforgettable Profile of A World – Class Musician (DVD)
»  ICG003 : Mandolin Melodies (Classical Instrumental) (Audio CD)
»  IDA024 : Best In Lounge Indian Spirit Featuring India Inspired Lounge By World Famous Stars (Collection Edition) (Set of 2 Audio CDs )
»  IZZ697 : Anthology of South Indian Classical Music (With Booklet Inside) (Set of 4 CDs)
»  IZZ731 : Greatest Jugalbandies Vidushi Kishori Amonkar and Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia (Audio CD)
»  IZZ737 : Legends Forever Pandit Bhimsen Joshi - The Finest in Indian Classical Music (Audio CD)
»  IZZ729 : Masterworks of Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia From The NCPA Archives (Ragas Bhatiyali, Chandrakauns, Madhumanti and More) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ726 : Masterworks of Ustad Bismillah Khan From The NCPA Archives (Ragas Chandraprabha, Bhairagi, Bhairavi, and More)
»  IZZ746 : Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia The Taj Heritage Series Live in Jaipur (Audio CD)
»  IZZ710 : Sadabahar Yaman (Audio CD)
»  IZZ741 : Tantarang Entrancing Music of Sitar and Shankar Guitar (Audio CD)
»  IZZ750 : Tridhara Songs of Rabindranath Tagore (Set of 3 CDs)
»  ICD086 : Pt. Ravi Shankar Music Compositions Ghanashyam Dance Drama (Audio CD)
»  IZZ326 : Yakshas – Classical Fusion A Blend of Flute, Sitar, Violin, Electric Guitar, Tabla, Mridangam & Ghatam (With Booklet, Audio CD and DVD)
»  IZZ693 : Legend's Best A Vocal From India (Audio CD)
»  IZZ670 : 8 Prahar (A Musical Day with PT. Jasraj)
»  IZZ682 : Masterworks of Ustad Vilayat Khan from the NCPA Archives(Ragas Bilaskhani and Sindhu Kafi) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ647 : The Genius of Pt. Basavraj Rajguru (Set of 3 Audio CDS)
»  IZZ653 : The Genius of Pt. Jasraj (Set of 3 Audio CDs)
»  ICE034 : Magical Ghatam-Solo An Instrumental from India (Audio CD)
»  IZZ620 : The Genius of Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia (Set of 3 Audio CDs)
»  IZZ511 : The Great Heritage- Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan (Exclusive Archival Collection) (Set of 3 Audio CDs)
»  IZZ457 : Echoes of The Spirit (Audio CD)
»  IZZ527 : Guru Naman (Bairagi Bhairav, Madhuvanti, Bhoopali, Puriya Dhanashree, Chandra Kauns, Darbari, Raageshri) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ521 : Kumar Gandharva (Baithak Raga Bhimpalas) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ519 : Nadaswaram and Thavil Classical Instrumental (Audio CD)
»  IZZ506 : Oothukkadu Kritis Veena (Audio CD)
»  IZZ512 : Samagamam Eternal Confluence (Violin) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ501 : Shikara By Moonlight (Audio CD)
»  IZZ510 : Swati Kritis Veena (Audio CD)
»  IZZ101 : M.S.Gopalakrishnan Violin Recital (Hindustani Classical) (Audio CD)
»  ICI002 : The Royal Collection of Mewar (Heritage Recordings from the Private Archives of the Royal Family of Mewar)… Megh, Kafi Ki Hori DHRUPAD (Audio CD)
»  IDB068 : The Royal Collection of Mewar Miya Ki Malhar (Heritage recording from the private archives of the Royal Family of Mewar) (Audio CD)
»  ICL037 : Learn to Play Indian Ethnic Percussion Instruments - Part 1 Gada Singari | Udukai | Dhandia (DVD Video)
»  IZZ599 : Dharohar Raga Yaman “Vocal” (Audio CD)
»  IZZ604 : Kabir Based on Classical Ragas (Volume 1) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ607 : Maestro’s Choice Biswajit Roy Chowdhury (Audio CD)
»  IZZ609 : Niladri Explore The World of Sitar and Zitar (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  IZZ598 : Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia Raga Bageshwari “Golden Raaga Collection” (Audio CD)
»  ICO083 : Shri Raghavendra Baaro - Devotional Verses in Sanskrit & Kannada By Kishori Amonkar (Audio CD)
»  ICT276 : IF Magical Sounds of Sitar (Audio CD)
»  ICN008 : Discovering Ragas, An Interactive Guide to Learning Understanding and Appreciating Indian Classical Music (Interactive CD ROM)
»  ICM031 : Jugal Bandi Jnan Prakash Ghosh (Harmonium) and V.G. Jog (Violin) (Audio CD)
»  ICC071 : Khayal Classical Vocal (Audio CD)
»  ICM046 : Khayal Classical Vocal Begum Parween Sultana & Ustad Mohd. Dilshad Khan (Audio CD)
»  ICM045 : Khayal Classical Vocal Pt. Rajan Sajan Mishra (Audio CD)
»  ICM048 : Khayal Classical Vocal Pt. Ulhas Kashalkar (Audio CD)
»  ICY065 : Learn To Play Keyboard (DVD)
»  IZZ231 : Learn To Play Tabla (Vol. 2) (DVD)
»  ICX082 : Learn To Play Violin (DVD)
»  IZZ426 : Malhar Rang Colours of Malhars "Unique Collection Of Monsoon Melodies" (A Set of 5 Audio CDs)
»  IDA008 : Pt. Jasraj Masterworks from the NCPA Archives (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  ICR113 : Ravi Shankar 70 (Audio CD)
»  IDA064 : The Genius of Girija Devi Hindustani Classical Vocal (Set of 3 Audio CDs)
»  ICR134 : The Greatest Hits of Pt. Ravi Shankar (Instrumental Sitar) (Audio CDs)
»  ICO069 : The Greatest Hits of Ustad Amir Khan (Audio CD)
»  IZZ120 : Ustad Amir Khan (Vocal) (Lalit, Hansdhwani, Megh) (Audio CD)
»  ICT296 : Draupadi (Five Styles of Bansuri Vaadan By Rupak Kulkarni) (Audio CD)
»  ICR256 : Izhaar (Mood Instrumentals) Clasic Tunes from Hindi Cinema (Audio CD)
»  ICP076 : Laya Tharangam - Mridangam- Classical Instrumental (Audio CD)
»  IZZ417 : Bismillah Khan "Shehnai" From the Archives of Sangeet Natak Akademi (Audio CD)
»  IZZ451 : Romantic Raga (Audio CD)
»  ICG036 : Contemporary Dance Six Classical Styles Ras Leela and Kathak
(Dances of India DVD)
»  IZZ616 : The Genius of Pt. Kumar Gandharv (Hindustani Classical - Vocal) (Set of 3 Audio CDs)
»  IZZ383 : Balgandharva (With Booklet Inside) (DVD)
»  IDA076 : Live In Concert Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia (Classical Instrumental) Flute (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  IDA080 : Live In Concert Ustad Bismillah Khan & Ustad Vilayat Khan (Classical Instrumental) Shehnai and Sitar (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  ICM027 : A Rare Jugalbandi Ustad Vilayat Khan and Ustad Bismillah Khan (Audio CD)
»  ICB039 : Call of the Valley Santoor Flute Guitar
(Audio CD)
»  ICR430 : Golden Raaga Collection – Shobha Gurtu (Audio CD)
»  IDA009 : M L Vasanthakumari Masterworks from the NCPA Archives (Audio CD)
»  ICB025 : Sangeet Sadhak (Acharya Allauddin Khan) (Set of Two CDs)
»  IDA003 : Ustad Rashid Khan Masterworks from the NCPA Archives (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  ICZ054 : Voices of India Pt. Jasraj - A Definitive Collection of the Vocal Legend's Most Unforgettable Works (Set of 4 Audio CDs)
»  IZZ318 : Mesmerizing Flute Soothing Lounge Melodies (Audio CD)
»  IZZ311 : Mesmerizing Maestros Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan & Ustad Zakir Hussain (Audio CD)
»  IZZ329 : Raga By Moonlight (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  IZZ312 : Rhythm Everywhere (Audio CD)
»  ICR188 : Delicate Romance (Classical Instrumental) (Audio CD)
»  ICR108 : First Times on CD – Ragas By Pt. Nikhil Banerjee – Classical Instrumental Sitar (Audio CD)
»  ICR281 : Hazaron Khwahishein (A Thousand Desires) (Audio CD)
»  ICR600 : Master Pieces (Sarangi Raga Miyan Ki Malhar) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ110 : Dagar Brothers (Golden Raaga Collection) (Raaga Raga Miyan ki Malhar) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ082 : Ekaanth (Audio CD)
»  IZZ086 : Generations (A Melange of Classical and Contemporary Music Styles) (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  IZZ114 : Jalsa (An exquisite collection of semi-classical renditions) (Set of 2 CDs)
»  IZZ087 : Jugalbandi (Audio CD)
»  IZZ105 : Kalapini Komkali (Swar Sanchay) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ075 : Lahore Ke Rang Hari Ke Sang (Hariharan Sings the Music of Lahore) (With Booklet inside) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ104 : Magical Voice of Lakshmi Shankar(Audio CD)
»  IZZ107 : Pandit Bhimsen Joshi (Golden Raaga Collection) (Raga Gauri) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ115 : Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma (Santoor) (Golden Raaga Collection) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ108 : Percussion of the World (Audio CD)
»  IZZ109 : Shobha Gurtu (Golden Raaga Collection) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ112 : Sum (Cultures of Rhythm) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ096 : Swar Varsha Thumri, Kajri and Hori in the Voice of the Diva (Audio CD)
»  ICV049 : Ancient & Auspicious Nagaswaram 100 Years of Recorded Music In India (Volume II) (With Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)
»  ICT230 : Hariprasad Chaurasia Raga On Flute Vol. 2 (DVD) - Rare Album from the Archives of Doordarshan
»  ICR102 : Maangalya Sacred Raagas in Divine Voices (Audio CD)
»  ICR398 : Silsila Suron Ka A Jugalbandi (DVD)
»  ICR619 : Swaranubhooti Soulfully Crafted Renditions (Audio CD)
»  ICR606 : Unheard Jugalbandis Aavishkaar Sitar and Volin Jugalbandi(Audio CD)
»  ICR608 : Ustaad Amir Khan The Legend Lives On…. (2 CD Pack) (Audio CD)
»  ICR217 : Bhaav Tarangini – A Unique Expression of ‘Abhangs’ (Audio CD)
»  ICR261 : Maestro’s Flue (Audio CD)
»  ICR265 : Morning To Midnight (Ragas) (Audio CD)
»  ICZ003 : Percussions of India Madhya-Laya - The Tala Vadya Ensemble (Audio CD)
»  ICJ010 : Sufi Reflections Exhilarating Instrumental Music From Turkey (Audio CD)
»  ICD080 : Eternal Ragas
Timeless Treasures of Indian Classical Music
Instrumental (Audio CD)
»  ICR199 : Evergreen Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Vocal (Ragas Miyan ki Todi, Multani, Puriya Dhanshri. Thumri) (Audio CD)
»  ICR194 : Gaayaki on Violin (Audio CD)
»  ICD059 : Greatest Flute Maestro Pandit Pannalal Ghosh (Vintage Revival) (Audio CD)
»  ICR160 : Pt. Ram Narain Raga Yaman, Raga Komal Rishabh Asavari Desh Thumri.. Dhun Roopak (Audio CD)
»  ICR126 : Pt. Ravi Shankar – Music Compositions Ghanashyam – Dance Drama (Audio CD)
»  ICC005 : Rajanigandha Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma (Santoor) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ037 : Rare Sound of Esraj (Audio CD)
»  IDA075 : The Genius of Pt. Ajoy Chakravarty Hindustani Classical Vocal (Set of 3 Audio CDs)
»  ICR294 : The Greatest Hits of Pt. Nikhil Banerjee – Instrumental Sitar (Audio CD)
»  ICR059 : Hindustani – Instrumental Sarod (Radhika Mohan Moitra) Classical – Original (Unedited) (Audio CD) Vol-1 From the Archives of Sangeet Natak Akademi
»  ICR058 : Hindustani – Instrumental Sarod (Radhika Mohan Moitra) Classical – Original (Unedited) (Audio CD) Vol-2 From the Archives of Sangeet Natak Akademi
»  IDB064 : The World of Kishori Amonkar (Set of 4 Audio CDs)
»  ICR171 : Golden Milestones Surashri Kesarbai Kerkar (Audio CD)
»  ICR132 : Great Jugalbandis – Flute & Vocal (Audio CD)
»  ICM068 : Inayat Ustad Vilayat Khan - Raga Piloo (Audio CD)
»  ICY033 : Kula Sampada The Tradition of Banaras Gharana (With Booklet Inside) (Set of 3 Audio CDs)
»  ICC076 : Malhar Malika (Audio CD)
»  ICG048 : Saaz (Violin) (Audio CD)
»  ICH053 : Saaz Sarangi (Audio CD)
»  ICR473 : The Best of Carnatic Vocal (In Two Volumes) (Audio CD)
»  ICR559 : Timeless Music From Pakistan (Volume 2) Ustad Salamat Ali Khan (Audio CD)
»  ICR558 : Timeless Music From Pakistan (Volume 5) Ustad Ghulam Hassan Shagan Khan (Audio CD)
»  ICR295 : Ustad Fateh Ali Khan (Timeless Music from Pakistan) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ049 : Instrumental Harmonium (Audio CD)
»  IZZ044 : Legends of Indian Classical Music Maestro Nikhil Banerjee - Sitar (Audio CD)
»  IZZ041 : Malikaye Tarannum Noorjehan (Music that Transcends Horizons - Chandni Raatein) (Audio CD)
»  IZZ062 : Rhapsody In Yaman (Enlivening fusion of Sublime Ragas with Jazz Harmonies) (Audio CD)
»  IDA001 : Dr. Balamuralikrishna Masterworks from the NCPA Archives (Audio CD)
»  IDA020 : Gangubai Hangal Masterworks from the NCPA Archives (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  ICR613 : Golden Raaga Collection (Raga Darbari Kanhra) (Sarod) (Audio CD)
»  ICR445 : Master Pieces (Violin Raga Deshi) (Audio CD)
»  ICI019 : Sadabahar Bageshwari (Audio CD)
»  ICI021 : Sadabahar Hamsadhwani (Audio CD)
»  ICZ016 : Sadhana (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  ICR092 : Sitar Gaze (Audio CD)
»  ICD030 : The Best of Hindustani Instrumental (Over 8 Hours of Music) (MP3 CD)
»  IDA041 : The Other Song In Search of the Forgotten Thumri (DVD)
»  ICZ007 : Timeless Tagore (Audio CD)
»  IDC048 : Soulful Raagas Melodious and Soulful Interpretations of Classic Kritis (Audio CD)
»  ICX056 : Koi Sunta Hai Someone Is Listening - Journeys with Kumar Gandharva and Kabir (DVD)
»  ICM006 : When The Gods Dance- Bharatanatyam (Lakshmi Vishwanathan, Students of Smt Radha, Mahalaksmi Narendra, Malavika Sarukkai, Braga Bessel & Meenakshi Chittaranjan ) (DVD Video)
»  IDB085 : Rare Krithis (Caranatic Classical) (Audio CD)
»  ICA052 : An All India Radio Archival Release Fond Memories, Nikhil Banerjee (Immortal Series) (Audio CD)
»  ICX073 : Healing Ragas (Audio CD)
»  ICX076 : Learn To Sing Carnatic Vocal (Vol. 1) (DVD)
»  ICX032 : Learn To Sing Carnatic Vocal (Vol. 2) (DVD)
»  ICG071 : Rhapsody of Beats (Percussion Instruments of Kerala) (DVD Video)
»  ICD087 : Ashwini Bhide Deshpande Golden Raaga Collection
Raga Multani Vocal (Audio CD)
»  ICX084 : Learn To Play Sitar Vol. 2 (DVD)
»  ICX033 : Learn To Play Veena Vol. 1 (DVD)
»  ICR458 : Sur Saaz Aur Taal – The Best Ever Collection (16 CD Pack) A Rare Confluence of Vocal, Instrumental and Percussive Performances
»  ICH046 : Morning Dew (Dhrupad…The Ancient Style Of Indian Classical Music) (Audio CD)
»  ICB014 : The Elements Earth Wind Water Fire Space (Set of Five Audio CDs)
»  IDB044 : The Greatest Rhythms of India Collection (Audio CD)
»  IDA090 : 50 Glorious Years of Punjabi Music (Set of 5 Audio CDs)
»  IDA065 : Moods of The Day Indian Classical Music (Instrumental) (Set of 4 Audio CDs)
»  ICT184 : Astachhap Haveli Sangeet Mangala- Basant Ritu (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  ICR496 : Celtic Ragas (Audio CD)
»  ICL078 : Maestro's Choice Series One Ravi Shankar Sitar (Audio CD)
»  ICR468 : Ragas (Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night) (Volume 1) (A Set of 4 CDs) (Audio CDs)
»  ICR287 : Sound Scapes Music of The Valleys (Audio CD)
»  ICM042 : Tana Riri Tansen's Malhar Compositions Interpreted (Audio CD)
»  ICD015 : The Best of Sitar (Over Three Hours of Unending Bliss) (MP3 CD)
»  ICT075 : The Best of Tabla (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  ICM050 : The Summer Solstice 5 Classical Ragas Maestro Ali Akbar Khan Sarode and Sri Swapan Chaudhuri Tabla Accompaniment (DVD Video)
»  ICT064 : The World of Pt. Jasraj (Set of Five Audio CDs)
»  ICR182 : Great Masters Pt. Jasraj & Pt. Bhimsen Joshi (Audio CD)
»  ICG013 : Performs For You (Veena Classical Instrumental) (Audio CD)
»  ICZ071 : Coke Studio @ Mtv Episodes 5, 6, 7 A Fusion Music Project (Set of 3 Audio CDs)
»  ICR060 : Hindustani – Vocal (Kesar Bai Kerkar) Classical – Original (Unedited) (Audio CD)
»  ICB099 : Moods N' Melodies Classical Instrumental Immortal Series (Audio CD)
»  ICG012 : Passage to India Instrumental (An Instrumental Journey Celebrating The Finest in Indian Classical Music)
(Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  ICV006 : Surmanjari A Treasure of Music From A Private Collection Released For The First Time (Audio CD)
»  ICZ042 : Instrumental India Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia - A Definitive Collection of the Bansuri Legend's Most Unforgettable Works (Set of 4 Audio CDs)
»  ICZ045 : Instrumental India Pt. Shivkumar Sharma - A Definitive Collection of the Santoor Legend's Most Unforgettable Works (Set of 4 Audio CDs)
»  ICA049 : Flute Fantasia All Time Favourites (Immortal Series) (Audio CD) PT. Hariprasad Chourasia
»  ICC004 : Rajanigandha Raag Des - Sohni (Classical Instrumental) (Santoor) (Audio CD) Immortal Series
»  ICZ031 : Learn to Play Guitar (DVD)
»  ICZ020 : The Complete Bhupen Hazarika (MP3)
»  ICY090 : Kandisa Earthy…Fluent… Indian Music By Indian Ocean (Audio CD)
»  ICY067 : The Best of Bismillah Khan Shehnai (Audio CD)
»  ICY074 : The Best of Pandit Jasraj Vocal Hindustani Classical (Audio CD)
»  ICR012 : Wind Instruments of India (Audio CD)
»  ICY025 : Pandit Kumar Gandharva Nirguni Bhajans (Audio CD)
»  ICR119 : First Time on CD – Ragas By Malini Rajurkar - Classical Vocal (Audio CD)
»  ICH044 : Gurbani (A Blissful Classical Expression) (Audio CD)
»  ICB073 : Immortal Series The Boundless Genius
Carnatic Classical Violin
(Raag Darbar, Hamsadhwani, Sudha Danyasi, Bilahari, Purvi Kalyani and Rachna Mishra Yaman)
(Audio CD)
»  ICF039 : Jannat (Classical Tunes From Hindi Cinema) (Audio CD)
»  ICR237 : Melodies of the Mountains (Audio CD)
»  ICI029 : Music Of The Mountains (Sound Scapes) (Audio CD)
»  ICR441 : Musical Ecstasy Jewels of Indian Classical Music - Female Vocalists
»  ICC075 : Ras Rang Thumri Songs of Love and Longing (Audio CD)
»  ICV067 : Swagatam From the Creator of Sacred Chants of Shiva (Audio CD)
»  ICD075 : Tanhaee (Classic Tunes from Hindi Cinema)
(Audio CD)
»  ICO050 : The Last Word In Flute Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia (Audio CD)
»  ICX089 : Gharana Series Fateh Ali Khan (Patiala) (Audio CD)
»  ICX096 : Maestro’s Choice Bismilah Khan (Shennai) (Audio CD)
»  ICY008 : Raga From Music Today Ravi Shankar (Sitar) (Audio CD)
»  ICY007 : Sangeet Sartaj Hari Prasad Chaurasia (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  ICY004 : Sangeet Sartaj Shubha Mudgal (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  ICX092 : Sangeet Sartaj Shiv Kumar Sharma (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  ICX047 : Tribute To Rabindranath Tagore In Celebration of His 150th Birth Anniversary (Rabi Anuraag) (Audio CD)
»  ICV017 : Calcutta Chronicles Indian Slide Guitar Odyssey (With Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)
»  ICV021 : Daagh A Classic Rendition (Vol. 1) (Audio CD)
»  ICV024 : Daagh Melodiously Sung (Vol. 2) (Audio CD)
»  ICV020 : Legends Forever The Finest In Indian Classical Music (Audio CD)
»  ICV055 : Manna Dey Glorious 70 Years (Audio CD)
»  ICV019 : Navratna The Great Masters Live In Mumbai August 1978 (Audio CD)
»  ICV018 : Raga Ragam A Hindustani & Carnatic Duet (With Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)
»  ICV014 : Talat Aziz (Silver Anniversary Concert) (Set of 2 Audio CDs )
»  ICT280 : A Tribute to Ustad Bismillah Khan (Audio CD)
»  ICT260 : Dhanak the Rainbow (Audio CD)
»  ICT258 : Heart to Heart (Mystic Romantic Piano) (Audio CD)
»  ICT244 : Musical Ecstasy Instrumental (Audio CD)
»  ICT275 : Pandit Bhimsen Joshi Golden Raaga Collection (Audio CD)
»  ICT268 : Ras Barse (Live at Nehru Centre) (Audio CD)
»  ICD033 : Classical Songs From Films (Audio CD)
»  ICT182 : Basant Bahar (Vol. 4) (Audio CD)
»  ICT165 : Dance of The Dessert (With Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)
»  ICT162 : Sarangi Funk (Audio CD)
»  ICT176 : Shankaragamala A Celebration of The Maestro’s Music By His Disciples (Set of 3 Audio CDs)
»  ICT134 : The World of Bismillah Khan Shehnai (Set of 5 Audio CDs)
»  ICR556 : Bansuri (Audio CD)
»  ICR590 : Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia (Golden Raaga Collection) (Audio CD)
»  ICR603 : The Awakening Sufi Expressions by Shobha Mudgul (Audio CD)
»  ICE062 : Best of Pt. Ajay Pohankar Raag Shubhkalyan A Rare Raag A Vocal From India (Audio CD)
»  ICE087 : Tomorrow’s Maestro
Raag Miyan Ki Todi / Bairagi & Mishra Khamaj Thumri (Sitarkhani) An Instrumental from India (Audio CD)
»  ICR121 : Call of Shiva – Divine Flute by Rakesh Chaurasia (Audio CD)
»  ICT074 : The Best of Violin (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  ICR166 : In Prayer with Maestros Mharo Pranam (Audio CD)
»  ICB015 : Sound Scapes Mountains Rivers Valleys Seas Deserts (Set of Five Audio CDs)
»  ICC074 : Bismillah of Benaras (Audio CD)
»  ICD097 : Life Concert Swarutsav 2000 Chhannulal Mishra, Vocal (Audio CD)
»  ICD096 : Maestro’s Choice Series One (V. Doreswamy Iyengar Veena) (Audio CD)
»  ICT065 : The World of Ustad Zakir Hussain (Set of 4 Audio CDs)
»  ICT068 : The Best of Jugalbandi (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  ICR474 : Hazaron Khwahishein – A Thousand Desires (Audio CD)
»  ICR472 : Maestro’s Choice Sultan Khan - Sarangi (Audio CD)
»  ICR435 : Haveli Sangeet (Traditional Temple Music) (Audio CD)
»  ICR408 : Mehfil Rare Recordings of Bade Ghulam Ali Khan (Audio CD)
»  ICR450 : Sampratti (The Contemporary) (Audio CD)
»  ICR426 : Shubh Dhwani (The Auspicious Sounds of Shehnai) (Audio CD)
»  ICR133 : First Time on CD – Ragas By Pt. Vidyadhar Vyas - Classical Vocal (Audio CD)
»  ICB011 : The Best of Ustad Amir Khan (Audio CD)
»  ICR366 : Colours of Earth Traditional Music of India that has Never been Heard or Seen Before (DVD)
»  ICR254 : Harmony (Audio CD)
»  ICR286 : In Concert Rag Jai Jaiwanti (Audio CD)
»  ICR225 : Lifespring Happiness (Audio CD)
»  ICR264 : Megha Barse (Instrumental Monsoon Ragas By Indian’s Foremost Musical Maestros)(MP3)
»  ICR279 : Panchamahabhuta The 5 Elements Agni (Fire with Vastu Benefits & Knowledge) (Audio CD)
»  ICR221 : Saanjh Sur (Audio CD)
»  ICP068 : Call of The River - Ustad Shujaat Khan (Audio CD)
»  ICQ082 : Hindustani Vocal Bade Ghulam Ali Khan from the Archives of Sangeet Natak Akademi Classical- Original (Audio CD)
»  ICR165 : A Touch of Heaven (Audio CD)
»  ICR164 : Piya Bin Nahin Chain Evergreen Thumries (Audio CD)
»  ICR180 : Raagadhiraj Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Raga Sur Malhar, Yaman Kalyan, Miya Malhar, Thumri & Bhairavi (Audio CD)
»  ICR150 : The Best of Hindustani Vocal (Set of Two Audio CDs)
»  ICT029 : Shrine – Raga Kalyan Surrender to the Almighty! (Audio CD)
»  ICR128 : Evening Prayers with Maestros – Pt Hariprasad Chaurasia Instrumental (Audio CD)
»  ICR124 : Golden Milestones - Harmonium (Audio CD)
»  ICR145 : Great Maestros – Pandit Omkarnath Thakur Classical Vocal (Audio CD)
»  ICR141 : Romantic Pahadi (Audio CD) Easy Listening Instrumental Music by Indian Maestros
»  ICR120 : Ru – Ba – Ru (A Unique Confluence of Shehanai & Sarod) (Two Audio CDs)
»  ICR142 : Shaadi Ki Shehnai – Bismillah Khan (Volume 1 & 2) (Two Audio CDs)
»  ICR093 : Kajri Bheegi Jaoon Mein Piya Musical Monsoon Celebration (Audio CD)
»  ICR061 : Percussion Instruments of India (From the Archives of Sangeet Natak Akademi) (Audio CD)
»  ICQ079 : Kadri Gopalnath Saxophone Classical (Audio CD)
»  ICQ073 : Legends Forever - Kishori Amonkar (Ragas, Alhaiya Bilawal, Jeevanpuri & Bhairavi)- The Finest in Indian Classical Music (Two Audio CDs)
»  ICC092 : Singing String (Guitar Instrumentals of Popular Hindi Songs) (Audio CD)
»  ICO075 : Maestro's Choice - Kumar Gandharva Vocal (Audio CD)
»  ICF014 : A Gift to Ustad Allah Rakha 75th Birthday (Immortal Series)(Audio CD)
»  ICB081 : Immortal Series Babul More Naihar Chhooto Jaye by Girija Devi
All India Radio Archival Release
(Audio CD)
»  ICF009 : Indian Classical Music (Flute) (Audio CD)
»  ICO051 : The Last Word In Hindustani Vocal (Part II) Gangubai Hangal (Audio CD)
»  ICO048 : The Last Word In Santoor Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma (Audio CD)
»  ICO047 : The Last Word In Violin Dr. L. Subramaniam (Audio CD)
»  IDK414 : Ustad Amir Khan (Vocal) Master Musicians of India, From the Archives of Sangeet Natak Akademi (Compact Disc)
»  ICD027 : Brindavan Odyssey A Spiritual Quest (Set of Two Audio CDs)
»  ICN048 : Jugal Bandi Bismillah Khan (Shehnai) and Vilayat Khan (Sitar) Nandkalyan, Dhun and Bhairavi (Audio CD)
»  ICN093 : Alaap A Discovery of Indian Classical Music (Collection of Twenty CDs and A Book)
»  ICN080 : The Jewel Thief Classical Suspense Drama (DVD) Hindi Film with English Subtitles
»  ICN047 : Ras Rang Thumri Songs of Love and Longing (Audio CD)
»  ICF089 : GIRIJA DEVI Rare Songs From Benares (On The Occasion Of Her 75th Birthday) (Audio CD)
»  ICF052 : Saaz Sitar (Set of Two Audio CDs)
»  ICD084 : Sadabahar Bhairavi (Audio CD)
»  ICM072 : Karaoke Simg Along (Classical Vol. Two) (Hindi/English Lyrics Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)
»  ICE009 : Pt. Bhimsen Joshi Tantra (Audio CD)
»  ICD065 : Todi by Gaan Saraswati Kishori Amonkar (Audio CD)
»  ICD040 : Vocal Recital by Vani Jairam Live Recording (Audio CD)
»  ICM025 : Tribute to Pt. Omkarnath Thakur Veena Sahasrabuddhe Vocal (Audio CD)
»  ICL074 : From Father to Son Ragini Puriya Dhanasri (Audio CD)
»  ICL067 : The Best of Hindustani Instrumental (Set of Two Audio CDs)
»  ICD039 : Live Recording Vocal Recital by Subhadra Desai (Audio CD)
»  ICH060 : The Best of Thumris (Volume 1& 2) (Audio CD)
»  ICD006 : Only For You Sitar Maestro Prof. Debu Chaudhari (Audio CD)
»  ICC063 : The Best of Kumar Gandharva (Vocal Hindustani Classical) (Audio CD)
»  ICB023 : The Best of Kishori Amonkar Vocal Hindustani Classical (Audio CD)
»  ICC001 : Shehnai Classical Instrumental Ustad Bismillah Khan (Audio CD)
»  ICH061 : Dhun (Light Classical Instrumental) (Audio CD)
»  ICB021 : Evening Ragas (A Set of 4 CDs)
»  ICB020 : Night Ragas (A Set of 4 CDs)
»  IZZ897 : Vintage Tabla Repertory (Drum Compositions of North Indian Classical Music)
Accompanied with Two Compact Discs
»  ICD010 : Malhar Chandrika Rain Filled Night Melodies (Audio CD)
»  ICA047 : Sitar From Imdad Khan to Irshad Khan Raag Puriya Hameer Rachna Bhatiyali (Audio CD)
»  ICB056 : Yeh Na Thi Hamari Kismat
15 Memorable Melodious Ghazals
Pride of Performance Ustad Amanat Ali Khan
A Jewel from Patiala Gharana
(Audio CD)
»  ICJ016 : Music For Relaxation…Veena (instrumental) (Audio CD)
»  ICJ042 : Matchless (Two Great Masters Together in a Live Concert) (Audio CD)
»  ICI009 : Dhrupad (Audio CD)
»  ICI061 : Enchanting Strings (Audio CD)
»  ICI022 : Sadabahar Darbari (Audio CD)
»  ICH095 : String Instruments of India (A Selection of Original Old Recordings From The Music Archieves Of Sangeet Natak Akademi, New Delhi) (Audio CD)
»  ICI051 : Thaat Instrumental… Asavari & Marwa (Audio CD)
»  ICH037 : Classical Essence (Kirana Gharana) (Audio CD)
»  ICH027 : Sitar Soul (Audio CD)
»  ICH056 : Thaat Instrumental (Audio CD)
»  ICG079 : Convergence (Where Sarangi Meets Sitar (Audio CD)
»  ICG076 : Rasan Piya (Celebrating 100 Years of The Living Master Ustad Abdul Rashid Khan) (Audio CD) Volume 1
»  ICF087 : Classical Fusion (A Divine Blend of String & Wind Instruments ~ Classical) (Audio CD)
»  ICF080 : Ru-Ba-Ru (A Unique Confluence of Shehnai & Sarod) (DVD Video)
»  ICF034 : Soul To Soul (Rajeshwari – A Rare Raag An Instrumental From India) (Audio CD)
»  ICE082 : Maestro’s Best Jugalbandi An Instrumental from India (Audio CD)
»  ICF002 : Raag Jaijaivanti & Kedar (Audio CD)
»  ICF010 : Subh Saanjh (Audio CD)
»  ICF018 : Thumri, Chhaiti & Dadra (Classic Raaga Collection) (Audio CD)
»  ICE064 : Bandish Symphony (Audio CD)
»  ICE051 : Taaleem from Father To Son, Tabla of Punjab Gharana (Audio CD)
»  ICD094 : Platinum M. Balamuralikrishna (Audio CD)
»  ICD066 : Maestro’s Choice Series One Hariprasad Chaurasia Flute
(Audio CD)
»  ICD082 : Pandit Mallikarjun Mansoor
Golden Raaga Collection III
Raga Shivmat Bhairav Vocal (Audio CD)
»  ICC086 : Pandit Jitendra Abhisekhi Golden Raaga Collection III (Raga Vibhas Vocal) (Audio CD)
»  ICC073 : Unsung Raga Ahir Bhairav Pandit Bhimsen Joshi (Audio CD)
»  ICA050 : Flute Classical Instrumental (Immortal Series) (Audio CD) PT. Hariprasad Chourasia
»  ICC011 : Vocal Genius Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna (Audio CD) All India Radio Archival Release
»  ICB089 : Ustad Vilayat Hussain Khan
(An All India Radio Archival Release)
(Audio CD)
»  ICB050 : Flute Pt. Hariprasad Chourasia
(Audio CD)
»  ICB047 : Jugal Gayaki
Pt. Rajan Sajan Mishra
(Vocal Classical) Raag Jaijaivanti. Basant
Darbari Kanhara. Adana. Bihag
(Audio CD)
»  ICB046 : The Legend of Sarod
Ustad Amjad Ali Khan (Audio CD)
»  ICA089 : Sur Singaar (Memorable Thumri, Dadra & Kajri - Smt. Shobha Gurtu, Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan, Dr. Aneets Sen and Pt. Ajay Phankar)) (Immortal Series) (Audio CD)
»  ICA048 : Scintillating Sarod Classical Instrumental Evergreen Series (Raag Jog Multani Kirvani & Mishra Des) (Audio CD)
»  IDI576 : The Art of Tabla Rhythm Essentials, Tradition and Creativity (With CD)
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