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Sufi, Ghazals, Urdu CDs and DVDs

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»  IZZ905 : Unforgettable Sufis (Timeless Poetry of Kabir and Amir Khusrau) (Set of Two Audio CD)
»  IZZ243 : Sufiana Qawwalis In The Praise of Almighty - From Doordarshan Archives (DVD)
»  ICG094 : Zikr (Call of A Sufi) (Audio CD)
»  ICZ048 : Ghalib By Abida Parveen With Booklet Inside (Audio CD)
»  ICA079 : Gulzar's Mirza Ghalib Complete Collection Featuring Unreleased Ghazals, Couplets and Dialogues in the Voices of Jagjit Singh, Naseeruddin Shah and Others (Set of Two Audio CDs)
»  IZA298 : Best of Mehdi Hassan Experience The Mysticism of Shahenshah-E-Ghazal (MP3)
»  IZA220 : Kalam-e-Sultan Bahu (MP3 CD)
»  IZA222 : Mehdi Hassan (Shehenshah-e-Ghazal) (MP3 CD)
»  IZA218 : Shaam-E-Ghazal (Ghazals From Films) (Vol. 2) (MP3 CD)
»  IZA199 : Abke Hum Bichde (Audio CD)
»  IZA206 : Collectors Choice Classical Ghazals Vol -1 (Audio CD)
»  IZA194 : Sartaaj The Finest of Ghazals From Masters of The Art (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  IZA207 : Sultan E Sufi (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  IZA157 : The Golden Collection of Ghulam Ali (48 Most Popular Ghazals of The Legend) (MP3 Audio CD)
»  IZA052 : Ghazal-E-Mohabbat Most Romantic Ghazals of All Time (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  IZA070 : Sufi Classics (Best of Sufi Tracks) (MP3 Audio CD)
»  ICF092 : A Tribute To Faiz Ahmed Faiz (Audio CD)
»  IZZ276 : Journey To The Heart Ten Talks On The Way Of The Sufis (Audio MP3)
»  ICR250 : Kailasa Chaandan Mein (Classic Sufi Love Hits) (MP3)
»  IZZ043 : Great Works of Amir Khusro (Set of 3 Audio CDs)
»  IZZ735 : Jahan- E- Khusro Father of Sufism (Audio CD)
»  IZZ745 : Nayyara Sings Faiz From Romance to Realism (Audio CD)
»  ICR403 : Talkhian (Urdu Poetry by Sahir Ludhianvi) Complete in 4 Audio CDs
»  IZZ553 : Treasures A Collection of Cherished Songs - Mehdi Hasan (Set of 5 Audio CDs)
»  IZZ624 : Gems of Pakistan (Yaadaan Teriyaan) (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  IZZ631 : Rang-E-Ghazal - Ghazals From Film (Set of 5 Audio CDs)
»  ICB003 : A Journey With Jagjit & Chitra Singh Treasure of Ghazals
(Set of Two CDs)
»  IDA018 : Soulful Sufi (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  ICR143 : The Finest Ghazals of Mehdi Hassan (Audio CD)
»  ICR115 : The Golden Moments (C.H. Atma) – Aye Mere Dil (Audio CD)
»  IZZ333 : Rang Colours of Sufism (Audio CD)
»  IZZ255 : Sufi Passion Authentic Sufi Music By The Original Sufi Masters (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  ICR050 : IconPankaj Udhas (MP3 CD)
»  ICR190 : Tajalli Essence of Sufism (Audio CD)
»  IZZ124 : Timeless Music from Pakistan (Ustad Umrao Bundu Khan) (Audio CD)
»  ICY068 : Sufi Rocks Biggest Sufi Hits (Audio CD)
»  ICJ010 : Sufi Reflections Exhilarating Instrumental Music From Turkey (Audio CD)
»  ICZ051 : Sufiaana The Complete Sufi Experience (Set of 5 Audio CDs)
»  ICC009 : 10 Greatest Ghazals Begum Akhtar (Audio CD)
»  ICR186 : Lata Sings Ghalib & Other Ghazals (Audio CD)
»  ICR559 : Timeless Music From Pakistan (Volume 2) Ustad Salamat Ali Khan (Audio CD)
»  ICR558 : Timeless Music From Pakistan (Volume 5) Ustad Ghulam Hassan Shagan Khan (Audio CD)
»  IZZ060 : Sufi Pervane (The Musical Odyssey) by the Most Popular Band of Turkey (Audio CD)
»  IZZ057 : Sufiaana (The Complete Sufi Experience From The Classic Sufi Songs to The Latest Sufi Hits) (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  ICZ081 : Sufi Masterpieces 2 (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  ICF021 : Ghazal Gold (Set of Two Audio CDs) Times Music 10th Anniversary Special Edition
»  IDA069 : Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Now And Forever (Sublime Sufi Splendour…) (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  IDB061 : Abida Parveen Sings Bulleh Shah (Exploring The Roots of Sufism) (Audio CD)
»  ICR526 : Arziyaan (The Most Popular Collection of Sufi Music) (Audio MP3)
»  ICN056 : Khwaja Ki Deewani (DVD)
»  ICD056 : The Best Sufi Collection (67 of the Greatest Sufi Tracks)
(MP3 CD)
»  IDA021 : Aadab Arz Hai (Audio CD)
»  ICF023 : Ruhaniyat (Sufi & Mystics Songs) (Audio CD)
»  ICZ073 : Javeda Sufiaana (Set of 5 Audio CDs)
»  ICZ077 : Khuda Wohi Hai Sufi Rock Album (Audio CD)
»  ICR181 : Meraj-E-Ghazal (Audio CD)
»  ICE003 : The One & Only Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan (Best of his Punjabi Collection) (MP3 CD)
»  ICY062 : Abida Parveen Dard-E-Dil 56 Immortal Songs (MP3)
»  ICY064 : Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan Punjabi Qawwaliyan Te Geet (MP3)
»  ICR471 : Call of The Sufis (Audio CD)
»  ICW021 : Euphoric Abida (Audio CD)
»  ICR271 : Rabta A Connection (Ghazal Legends From India and Pakistan) (Audio CD)
»  ICQ015 : Shaan-e-Sufi Wadali Brothers (DVD)
»  ICF075 : Sur Ki Koi Seems Nahin (Music That Transcends Horizons) (Geet & Ghazals by Runa Laila) (Audio CD)
»  ICW024 : Zikr Life Sung With Passion (Audio CD)
»  ICC058 : The Very Best of Abida (Audio CD)
»  ICV043 : Jagjit Singh and Chitra Singh Live At Royal Albert Hall London (Audio CD)
»  ICV005 : Ya Habib (Audio CD)
»  ICE011 : Greatest Ever Quwwalies Collection (MP3)
»  ICT172 : Jaana A New Album by Abida (Audio CD)
»  ICT174 : The Best of Abida Parveen (1 Free CD Inside)
»  ICT175 : The Best of Hans Raj Hans (Set of 2 Audio CDs)
»  ICR602 : Hazrat Sultanul Arafin Haq Bahu Rematullah (Abida) (Booklet Inside) (Audio CD)
»  ICR603 : The Awakening Sufi Expressions by Shobha Mudgul (Audio CD)
»  ICO074 : Khwaja Ki Diwani - Sabri Brothers (Audio CD)
»  ICT062 : Legends Maestro Melodies in a Milestone Collection - Jagjit Singh (Set of Five Audio CDs)
»  ICR482 : Farid (Audio CD)
»  ICR484 : Ishq Ki Nayee Bahar 8 Melodious Love Songs (Audio CD)
»  ICR176 : Baba Sheikh Farid (Shabads/Shlokas of Baba Sheikh Farid) (Audio CD)
»  ICR242 : Bazm – E – Meer (Audio CD)
»  ICR270 : Qurbatein (A Bond With My Beloved) (Audio CD)
»  ICC098 : Sufi (MP3 CD)
»  ICO071 : Tajdar-E-Haram- Sabri Brothers (Audio CD)
»  ICR127 : Raqs – e – Bismil – Dance of the Wounded (Audio CD)
»  ICR147 : The Best of Farida Khanum (Audio CD)
»  ICR034 : Andaz-E-Mastana Mehdi Hassan (Features ‘Ranjish Hi Sahi’, ‘Bhooli Bisri’ & others) (Audio CD)
»  ICR068 : Ghazal Queens – Aashiyane Ki Baat Karte Ho Dil Jalane Ki Baat Karte Ho… (MP3)
»  ICP071 : Nusrat Sings Iqbal - The Legendary Poet (Audio CD)
»  ICN067 : I, Omar A Musical Journey Into the Inner World of Omar Khayyam’s Mystical love Poem The Rubaiyat (Audio CD)
»  ICN054 : Inteha Jagjit Singh (DVD)
»  ICH068 : The Best of Amir Khusrau (Volume 1 And 2) (Audio CD)
»  ICC030 : Dard Kafi Hai Bekhudi Ke Liye (Audio CD)
»  ICB090 : Ghalib Nama
(22 Everlasting Ghazals Sung by Maestros)
(MP3 CD)
»  ICB091 : Kalaam-E-Sufi
(The Journey Through Time (Volume One MP3 CD)
»  ICC045 : Reshma A Rare Collection of Her Works (Everlasting Hits by the Desert Queen) (MP3 CD)
»  ICB056 : Yeh Na Thi Hamari Kismat
15 Memorable Melodious Ghazals
Pride of Performance Ustad Amanat Ali Khan
A Jewel from Patiala Gharana
(Audio CD)
»  ICI052 : Sing with Sufi’s ( Jaan - E - Ghazal) (DVD Video)
»  ICH014 : The Best of Bulleh Shah (Audio CD Volume 1 & 2)
»  ICF042 : The Unforgettables (Ghazal & Nazm) (Audio CD)
»  ICD091 : Best of His Urdu Collection Inimitable Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
(45 Tracks) (MP3 CD)
»  ICC048 : Lazee Days Easy Listening (Set of Two Audio CDs) 24 Romantic Ghazals
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